Clear Council, THINK PHAST Scholarship
This scholarship was started for kids that love health and love to help. Any Senior currently
attending high school, that is planning on pursuing a course of study in a Health related field
after graduating, and actively pursues serving in their community is somebody that we believe
is PHAST, and is eligible to apply for this Scholarship. The Application Deadline is April 1st, 2014

How to Apply:

Please record then post onto YouTube, a 2-4 minute video of yourself answering or
portraying the following questions below. Have fun with it. If your not having fun, we wont have fun. Be creative, show us how PHAST you really are.

When posting to youTube, Please title the video "THINK PHAST 2014 - YOUR NAME" Then, paste the link in the appropriate box on the bottom of this page. Make sure the video is made "public" so others can view it.

After the April 1st Deadline, video submission will close and the number of video views will be recorded. The Top 10 Videos, according to the number of views, will then be reviewed by thePHAST Foundations Board of Trustees. The winner will be selected from this group. Make your Cause known, let all your family and friends be involved in your future. Get those views baby!!!! They support you as do we. Good Luck

Again, we are not boring, and neither are you. SHOW US your personality, show us how much you love life, health, and helping others. Feel free to record you Serving others. Be Creative. This is a video application, not yet another paper one, so don't make it look like your reading a written application. BLOW OUR MINDS. Simply put, THINK PHAST.

Questions that should be, in one way or another, covered in the video:
1) What is your name and why are you applying for the THINK PHAST Scholarship?
2) What program/field are you most interested in pursuing after you graduate High School?
3) Please describe in what way(s) you have been P.H.A.S.T.? How have you Promoted Health
And Service in your community?
4) Describe why both Health and Service are so important to you? How is it part of you?
5) What does it mean to you to be PHAST?
6) Anything else that you would like the Academics Board to know about you.

Again, please keep the video under 4 minutes. Be creative. Have fun with us. We are doing video applications so that we can SEE who you really are. Good luck.

If you have any questions regarding this application please direct all questions to:

Thank You For Applying.

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