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The Stevenson High School Career Exploration Program allows students to explore careers through a variety of services. We have many opportunities available for you to help mentor students through presentations, programs and experiences. Please fill out the form below and we will contact you when there is an opportunity available for you! Any questions, please contact the program coordinator, Diane Willock at Thank you!
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Student Shadow opportunities
If you or your company are willing to host a student for a shadow or be a host site for a group or field trip, please specify what career interest areas or which careers you host for (ex: computer science, marketing, mechanical engineering). Please be as specific as possible, for example, if you can host a student interested in engineering, please specify what type of engineering.
*Technology and/or resources
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*Student Internships
If you are able to provide an internship for a student, please specify whether this would be during the school year or the summer, whether it is paid or a volunteer position, and what career category it would fall under. Please note: The difference between providing a job and an internship is the experience the student will have. We like internships to be true learning experiences that take place over several consistent weeks where there is much involvement and mentoring and the emphasis is on career and skill development vs a job which is more focused on daily activities. Even if your company does not do this yet for high school students but may be open to it, I can assist with the development and implementation of this program.
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