Crossing of the Caliburnus Registration
This is the registration form for the Crossing of the Caliburnus, a steampunk larp being run at Brooklyn Community Center, 31st of March at 6pm. This game is intended for beginners, and all the characters have been pre-written. All of them start with amnesia. If one of them especially appeals to you, let us know.

If numbers allow, we will run two simultaneous runs.

Character name
Abraham Jonas a chemist
Bertrand Fanshawe in service of the Church of England
Captain Ambrosius Captain of the Caliburnus
Colonel Ulysses a disabled war hero
Constance Moran a bureaucrat
Cora Hale Doughan an engineer
Geoffrey Corkwell professor of history
Helene Barrington a lawyer
Isabella Stratton a hatmaker
Johanna Carter-Willett an artist
Lady Morgan their hostess upon landing
Lottie Bower a young runaway
Meredith Brunwich a master toymaker
Sir Bertilak Lady Morgan's guardian

One of the characters is encouraged to engage in duels with other characters. If both characters are keen, this can be done with boffer combat, otherwise combat will be done be having a quick talk about who is going to win and then acting out the consequences.

Please answer the questions below so we can pick the best character for you.
If you've got any questions, please feel free to get in touch with me

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