Operational EOI: Op Hannaford, Cudlee Creek SA Fire Recovery and Core Operations (Sun 26th Jan) with Team Rubicon Australia, January 2020.
Hi TRibe!
Team Rubicon Australia is deploying to Cudlee Creek, SA to help the local community in the recovery of the recent bush fires in this area. As well as rolling our sleeves up for this deployment, TRA is also taking the first steps towards raising the Adelaide DRT. This means those new greyshirts in SA will finally have a chance to attend a core operations course being held in conjunction with the operation.

This Expression of Interest (EOI) covers both CORE OPERATIONS on Australia Day (Sun 26th Jan) for new members, and EOI's for working on the Op Hannaford Operation at Cudlee Creek.
Core Operations- will be held at the Lobethal Centennial Hall, at 0900hrs on Sunday 26th January. This course is open to new members wanting to join TRA, and forms the basics of what it means to be part of this organisation.

Operation Information: Those with qualifications in chainsawing, machinery tickets, skills in fencing, hard yakka, and aren't afraid of a little soot, dirt and sweat, will be considered as a priority for operational positions.

Remember that, as always, submission of an EOI does not guarantee deployment. Greyshirts selected for this role will be required to deploy for the full wave, as logistical planning, training and safety in the area of operations is paramount. Please be mindful of this requirement when filling out your EOI. All Aussie greyshirts from around Australia are encouraged to apply, but please be aware that selection may be based partly on proximity to the area of operations. We are actively monitoring other areas of Australia (Vic and NSW in particular) currently being impacted by fires and may be calling on greyshirts to support further operations in the near future once these fires are out. International greyshirts not residing in Australia are currently ineligible at this time, unless part of an endorsed IA exchange program.

Note that applicants may be contacted by a TRA representative to discuss involvement via email or mobile so, to make their job a little bit easier, please double check your details are correct when filling in your EOI.

Also, please note that, as always, all waves are subject to operational approval, and changes and may be made, adjusted or future waves dropped or added at short notice. NB that travel to those selected for core ops will be at the individual's expense.

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