GFA Certification Application
Congratulations! Your program is on their way to a prestigious GFA Certification!

This form may take an extended period of time to complete and cannot be saved before submission. Please prepare all required information and materials before beginning the form. A sample application is available on the GFA website main menu: Education >> GFA Certification >> Sample Application

If your documents are in order, this application should take roughly 20-30 minutes to complete.

1. Director Information - name, email, phone, and brief bio
2. School Information - school name, address, website and size
3. Program Information - program name, website, enrollment (current and past), course descriptions, and brief history
4. Program Recognition - description of program, student, and director successes, recognition, awards, etc.
5. Evidence of GFA Standards - please review GFA Certification Standards and provide evidence through materials below

1. Sample lesson plan(s).
2. Curriculum map/curriculum/scope and sequence.
3. Program Handbook, course syllabi, etc.
4. Concert programs/flyers/news clippings showing student participation in events.
5. Spreadsheet/list/photo of your music library. (Photo can be a picture of all your classroom books and/or screenshot of folder of digital scores/resources)
6. List or photo of your inventory.
7. At least one video of students performing. (Note: This can only be submitted via link, preferably a YouTube video. You may opt to make the video "Unlisted" so that it does not appear for public view in your YouTube settings. Unfortunately, we can no longer accept direct video uploads or emailed videos)

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