Nominations for VPLD 2014
As we head towards 2014 under the new identity of Learning with Digital Technologies, the VPLD and the newly named DA - Future Focus Inquiries (FFI) - teams are keen to recruit new participants and develop further opportunities to collaborate across programmes. To find out more about participation in the VPLD go here: (and the video we most recommend for 'impact' is here:, and for a range of more in-depth information go here:

Previously, both VPLD and DA have operated under an expression of interest (EOI) approach to bring on board new participants.
For 2014, the VPLD team in particular, feels it would be good to receive nominations for participants from existing BeL schools that are either exiting at the end of 2013, or who are continuing. As such, it is suggested that BeL facilitators nominate potential participants.

The process will still be competitive - i.e.
for VPLD we would be looking for approximately 50 nominations, who the VPLD team would then contact directly to invite them to submit an EOI. (Research conducted around the VPLD since 2009 indicates that an element of self-nomination and additional value is created through the EOI and selection process.)

The VPLD team would need to receive nominations by October 16th 2013. This will give us enough time to conduct the EOI and selection process, and then contact successful participants so that they can plan for 2014.
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