Proposal Guidelines - Secondary Application
To be considered to receive one or more shipments of bicycles from Bikes for the World, you must first have sent in an inquiry form (see website for more information). If your inquiry has received a positive response, please fill out this application form and prepare the require attachments.
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Required Attachments: *
I. Organizational Background
1. Please list your current major active programs below. Be sure to include: Program Description, Target Population (#, location, description), and Dates Active. *
2. Please list your board members, their position, and their affiliation here (Member Name, Position, and Affiliation): *
3. What role does your board play in your organization? *
4. Please list all of your current institutional partners (logistical or financial) and the type of relationship here (Partner / Type of Relationship): *
5. What is your longterm vision for the organization and how do you intend to achieve or maintain financial sustainability? *
II. Project Context
1. Where are you proposing to implement a bike-related project? What are your current activities in that area (if any)? *
2. How did you identify a need for bikes in this area? *
3. How would bikes improve your current work? *
III. Work Plan
1. Please note any changes to the proposed project from what was set out on the preliminary inquiry form. *
2. Please explain in detail how you will select the beneficiaries. Include any eligibility criteria. *
3. Please explain the terms of distribution (timeline for distribution, conditions of sale/donation, payment mechanism, etc). *
4. Please explain how you plan to manage the logistical and financial aspects of transporting the bikes from the point of delivery to your site. *
5. How will you store the bikes before distribution? *
6. How will you ensure repair of all bikes sent? *
7. If some bikes are unable to be repaired and used for your project, will they be stripped for usable parts or otherwise recycled? *
8. How will you evaluate the success of this project (who will be responsible, what resources are available, what metrics will be used)? *
9. What will success look like for this project? Both in the short-term and long-term? *
10. What employees will be involved in the management of this project? Can you please describe their particular roles? *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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