UW SWE Officer Application
We are so happy you want to become more involved in SWE by applying to be an officer! Please complete the application below and keep in mind that your responses will be shared with the current and future executive officers for selection.

You can read more details about the officer positions and selection process here: tinyurl.com/uwsweofficerinfo
Please read the document carefully before contacting us if you have any questions at swe@uw.edu.

Finally, if you are applying for the position of Graphics Director or Historian, please remember to send a brief sample of your best or most relevant work to swe@uw.edu after submitting your application.

The application deadline is Sunday, April 16 by 5 pm.
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Why are you applying for this position? *
Why this position? Do you have experience or do you want to try something new? What are you passionate about? Suggested word count: 100-150.
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If selected, what would you want to accomplish with SWE? *
Ideas, plans, goals, dreams, etc. These can be both personal (e.g. better leadership skills) or general (e.g. Bring more women into engineering). Suggested word count: 100-150.
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What is your involvement with SWE? *
How long have you been a member? Are you on any committees, or have you been in the past? Suggested word count: 50-100.
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