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Scholarship Application 2017
Scholarships for summer camp (full and partial) are available through the Don Staires Scholarship Fund, named after our Co-founder. Information on applying for a Scholarship may be acquired by calling SFR or by visiting our website.

**It is a new policy of SFR to award all Scholarships the first week of May; therefore the application and a paragraph from the camper must be submitted to SFR before May 1st.**

Please submit the Scholarship form BEFORE completing a registration form and sending in your deposit.

The Don Staires Scholarship Fund is supported by private donations from individuals who what to ensure that finances are never a reason to hinder a child from attending summer camp.

- Scholarships are allocated on the basis of need so please fill out all the information below.
- Scholarships are awarded in the order of applications received.
- Scholarships cannot be combined with other discounts.
- Because we want to be good stewards of this fund, we are hesitant to give any one family a complete Scholarship for camp. We strongly recommend that you encourage your camper to raise support for their week of camp by speaking to other family members, pastors, youth directors, friends and neighbors as well as doing small chores for pay within the neighborhood or church. This is a wonderful opportunity to train biblical principles into your child as well as to allow the Scholarship fund to be spread out among as many families as possible.

Those that receive a Scholarship will be asked to fulfill two requests made by SFR.
- Testimony: Within three (3) weeks of the camper’s week at camp, we ask that the camper and family write a letter to SFR describing your experience at camp and the positive effects it has made.
- Volunteering: We ask that the camper and family be willing to volunteer at events at the Ranch, or to help out with a service project. The time and type of service can be scheduled to best fit your family.
**Please consider these requests before applying for a Scholarship.**

If applying for a Scholarship for more than one child or camp, you must fill out a separate application for each child or camp.
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