7 Train Blues Station Survey
Tell us about your stop. Please select the station you most frequent and answer the following questions based on that station. The results will be posted in our developing 7 Train Blues Station Survival Guide at www.accessqueens.org. You can complete this form for as many stations as you like, but please do not fill this out for the same station more than once. Thank you for your response!
What station do you most frequent?
Select the station(s) that you rely on most, whether it's near your home or work.
What is this station's biggest issue?
If you had to choose just ONE issue (we know it's hard) that plagues this station, what would it be?
Commuting Tips and Tricks
Do you have any commuting tips can share with other riders? For example: what transportation alternatives can you offer someone who's stuck or what's the best way to get a seat? This question is optional.
Your answer
Station Improvements
What would you like to see improved at this station? It may be better customer service or communication around 7 Train service. Let us know! This question is optional.
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