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Thanks for applying to Design U! We look forward to reviewing your responses. :)

What is Design U? We are a non-profit student-led design consultancy at the University of Minnesota. We exist for a simple reason: to bring together diverse groups of students to design for impact.

What are you applying for? A project lead position. Project leads must demonstrate leadership, project management, and professional communication skills with their client and project team. In this position, you are leading 3-5 others along with being the primary communication with your client.

Project leads this semester are required to initiate team bonding, ensure project progress and expectations are being met, clients are updated on projects, and your project team is getting the most out of their experience in Design U. This is a leadership position that is highly rewarding, but will require more work and time than a general member. Your division directors will help you be successful!

What are the different divisions I could join?
-Digital: focuses on integrating design thinking into the development of web and mobile applications. Digital works closely with clients to create wireframes, app aesthetics, and overall exceptional user experiences.
-Prototyping: provides CAD renderings, product specs, and functional models to our clients to create exceptional products and product experiences.
-Research & Strategy: devoted to working directly with users to improve products and systems for more effective market solutions. The Research & Strategy group offers user verification studies, benchmarking reports and idea generation for our clients.
-Design U Crash Course "DUCC": Chosen underclassmen aid clients in all three other divisions to create well-rounded solutions.

The application closes on Monday, 9/9/2019. There will be a rolling interview phase starting as early as Friday 9/6/2019 and ending on 9/13/2019. We will notify you at the email you write below should you be requested for an interview! Please keep your schedule free from 9am to 4pm on Sunday, 9/15, for our exciting member Orientation day! Attendance is required for all accepted into Design U.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact Design U at You'll get a response quickly!
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