Student Satisfaction Survey – AY 2018/2019
Note: This survey is intended to be answered by all the students whose college ID number does not start with 1910.
ملاحظة: هذه الاستبانة مُعدة للإجابة عليها من قبل الطلبة الذين لا يبدأ رقمهم الجامعي بـ ۱۹۱۰

As part of Gulf College's approach to quality in line with its Quality Enhancement Plan, this survey is conducted by the Centre for Quality Assurance and Enhancement to assess the satisfaction of the students and to evaluate how they perceive the importance of each student support service in order to improve the provided services. Students are kindly requested to objectively and earnestly answer the items in this survey form. Rest assured that responses will be kept highly confidential and restricted to avoid intimidation to respondents from any party who may be directly or indirectly affected.
1- Gender *
2- Age *
3- Centre/Faculty *
4- Mode of study *
5- As part of your study in Gulf College, did you use Computer Labs *
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