UCI Student Support Letter

To the Legislative Council:

We write to support the six members who offered the resolution to remove national flags from the ASUCI lobby. The university ought to respect their political position and meet its obligation to protect and promote their safety. The resolution recognized that nationalism, including U.S. nationalism, often contributes to racism and xenophobia, and that the paraphernalia of nationalism is in fact often used to intimidate. This is a more or less uncontroversial scholarly point, and in practice the resolution has drawn admiration nationally from much of the academic community. In fact, the resolution's perspective has been completely borne out by recent events. Over the weekend, UCI has been inundated with racist, xenophobic comments and death threats against the students from people who are, precisely, invested in the paraphernalia of nationalism. UCI's official Facebook page, for example, has filled up with violent and racist remarks. Its official moderator, representing UCI, has neither repudiated the comments nor deleted them--even the death threats. We are afraid that Chancellor Gillman's response [http://chancellor.uci.edu/about/writings-and-remarks/2015/150308-statement-on-asuci-actions.html] will have the effect of licensing further harassment. We admire the courage of the resolution's supporters amid this environment of political immaturity and threat, and support them unequivocally.


    This is a required question

    1. Rei Terada, Professor of Comparative Literature 2. Simon Leung, Professor of Art 3. Earl Perez-Foust, Graduate Student, Comparative Literature (UCSB) 4. Ken Ehrlich, Lecturer, Department of Art (UCR) 5. Sara-Maria Sorentino, Graduate Student, Culture & Theory (UCI) 6. Diana Leong, Graduate Student, Culture and Theory (UCI) 7. Matt Tierney, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Modern Culture & Media (Brown University) 8. James Bliss, Graduate Student, Culture and Theory 9. Louis-Georges Schwartz, Associate Professor of Film Studies (Ohio University) 10. Amanda Armstrong, Graduate Student (UC Berkeley) 11. Ian Balfour, Professor of English (York University / Rice University) 12. Duane Wright, PhD Student, Department of Sociology, UC Davis, member UAW 2865 13. Anne-Lise Francois, Associate Professor, Comparative Literature & English (UCB) 14. Daryl Maude, Graduate Student, East Asian Languages & Cultures (UCB) 15. Jason White, UCI alumnus 16. Hannah Kagan-Moore, Graduate Student, Art History (UC Davis) 17. Tory Brykalski, Graduate Student, Anthropology (UC Davis) 18. Miranda Milke, UCI alumnus 19. Derek Matthews, Undergraduate Student, Political Science (UC Davis) 20. Matthew Palm, Graduate Student, UC Davis 21. Marco Antonio Rosales, Unit Chair UAW 2865 Davis 22. Marcelle Obeid, Undergraduate Student, Political Science (UC Davis) 23. Marshall Garvey, UC Davis alumnus 24. Ameeth Vijay, Graduate Student, UC Irvine 25. Cole Teague, Undergraduate Student (UC Davis) 26. Mina Arasteh, Undergraduate Student, UC Davis 27. Joaquin Chavez, UC Davis Alumnus and Vice President UPTE-CWA 9119 28. Julie Schober, Mills College Alumnus 29. Colin Dewey, Assistant Professor of English, CSU Maritime 30. Jillian Mariano, Undergraduate Student, Asian American Studies (UC Davis) 31. Leslie Do, Undergraduate Student, Asian American Studies (UC Davis) 32. Vincent R 33. Parisa Vaziri, Graduate Student, Comparative Literature, UCI 34. Michael Simmons, graduate student UCI 35. Samuel Solomon, Lecturer in Creative and Critical Writing, University of Sussex 36. Jordan Brocious, UCI Physics Alum 37. Piya Chatterjee, Professor, FGSS, Scripps College. 38. Kris Peterson, Anthropology, UCI 39. James I. Porter, Professor of Classics (UCI) 40. Seth Newmeyer, UCLA alumnus 41. Peyton Ross, Undergraduate Student, UCI 42. Virginia Jackson, UCI Endowed Chair in Rhetoric and Communication 43. Eyal Amiran, Associate Professor of Comparative Literature and FMS 44. Chun Wai Chau, Graduate Student, Cultural Studies (UC Davis) 45. Shaun Geer, Graduate Student, Sociology (UC Davis) 46. Beezer de Martelly, UC Berkeley, UAW 2865 47. Joseph Krall, Graduate Student, Comparative Literature, UC Irvine 48. Aaron Roussell, Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice and Criminology (WSU; UCI alum) 49. Joseph Krall, Graduate Student, Comparative Literature, UC Irvine 50. Kyla Burke, Undergraduate Student, Environmental Science and Management (UC Davis) 51. Jannet Camarena, Undergraduate Student, Comparative Literature (UCI) 52. Christine Fields 53. Katherine Collado, Undergraduate Student (UC Davis) 54. Victoria White, PhD candidate, Department of Comparative Literature, UC Davis 55. Dia Bassett 56. Adriana Johnson, Associate Professor, Comparative Literature (UCI) 57. Ramon Quintero 58. Jonathan M Hall, Assistant Professor, Media Studies, Pomona College 59. Sunny Lim, Graduate Student (UCSB) 60. Emily Breuninger, Graduate Student (UC Davis) 61. KT Bender, Graduate Student, Geography (UCLA) 62. Megan Saucke, Graduate Student, Sociology, UC Davis 63. Otto Lopez, Undergraduate student, Political Sciences (UCI) 64. James Goebel, Graduate Student, Comparative Literature (UCI) 65. Ivan Huber, Prof Emeritus of Biology, Fairleigh Dickinson Univ.,Madison, NJ Member cs4af 66. Sophia Shalabi (undergrad) 67. Christopher Chamberlin, Graduate Student, Culture and Theory (UCI) 68. Joseph Krall, Graduate Student, UC Irvine 69. Anastasia Baginski, Graduate Student, Comparative Literature (UCI) 70. James Goebel, Grad Student, Comparative Literature (UCI) 71. Caroline Nguyen, Undergraduate Student, UC Irvine 72. Christina García, Graduate Student, UC Irvine 73. Ismail Poonawala, Professor of Arabic & Islamic Studies, UCLA 74. Nicholas Ammar, Graduate Student, Anthropology (UC Davis) 75. Jonathan Koch, Head Steward UAW 2865 (UCLA) 76. Eiman Farooqui, UCI alumni 77. Dwight Reynolds (UC Santa Barbara) 78. Deborah Elise White, Associate Professor of English and Comparative Literature, Emory University 79. Elizabeth Thornton, Graduate Student, UCLA 80. Barbara Dickson, Undergraduate Student, Physics, UCI 81. Jovana Torres, Undergraduate Student,Political Science and Chicano/Latino Studies (UC Irvine) 82. Daniel C. Tsang, Distinguished Librarian, UCI 83. Nasrin Rahimieh, Professor, Comparative Literature, UCI 84. James Hirsch, Graduate Student, UC Irvine 85. Patricia Morton, Associate Professor, Art History (UCR) 86. Daniel Gutiérrez, Head Steward UAW 2865 UCSD 87. David Hur, Graduate Student, UCSB 88. Bart Knijnenburg, Graduate Student, UCI 89. Andy Su, Undergraduate Student, USC 90. Tugce Isik, Graduate Student, Georgia Tech 91. Johan Mosquera, Undergraduate Student, African-American Studies, UCI 92. Lynn Tran, Undergraduate Student, CSULB 93. Luis F. Aviles, Spanish and Portuguese, UCI 94. Troy Araiza Kokinis, Graduate Student, UC San Diego 95. James Fujii, Associate Professor, East Asian Languages and Literatures, UCI 96. MJ Vennat, Student, UCI SOM 97. Makai Péter Kristóf, PhD candidate, English Studies, Institute of English and American Studies, University of Szeged, Hungary 98. LaShonda Carter, Undergraduate Student, African American Studies and English, UCI 99. Art Motta, Undergraduate Student, UC Santa Cruz 100. Daisy Herrera, Undergraduate Student, Political Science & Chicano/Latino Studies, UCI 101. Nasir Malim (UCI alumni) 102. Caroline Truong, Undergraduate Student, UCI 103. Taylor Chanes, Undergraduate Student, Political Science, UCI 104. David Palumbo-Liu, Louise Hewlett Nixon a Professor, Stanford 105. Kristy Phan, Undergraduate Student, Pasadena City College 106. Romina Green, Ph.D. graduate student, History Department 107. Julie Vue, Alumnae (UCI) 108. Arman Liwanag, UCI alumnus 109. Celeste Langan, Associate Professor, Department of English, UC Berkeley 110. Haruka Hatori, Undergraduate Student, Political Science (UCI) 111. Arman Liwanag, UCI alumnus 112. Jessica Figueroa, Undergraduate Student, Chicana/o Latina/o Studies, UCI 113. Alex Yu, Graduate Student, History (UCLA) 114. Amina Mama UCDavis Women & Gender Studies 115. Tao Manacmul, Undergraduate Student, De Anza College 116. Alejandro Ramirez Undergraduate Student UCI 117. Julia Vargas, Undergraduate Student, UCI 118. Berenice Peña, Undergraduate Student, Criminology, Law & Society, UCI 119. Emory Jiang (UCI, Undergrad in ICS) 120. Erica Cheung, Graduate Student, Culture and Theory (UCI) 121. Celina Tirona, Undergraduate Student, UCI 122. Jaime Becker Lecturer UCD 123. Albert Ton 124. Dominique Quintanilla, Undergraduate Student, Civil Engineering 125. Connie La, UCI Alumni 126. Allen Nisperos, Undergraduate Student, UCI 127. Soody Tronson 128. Angela Simmons, Undergraduate Student, Psychology and Social Behavior and Public Health Policy, UCI 129. Tri Nguyen 130. Thienan Nguyen, Undergraduate Student, UCI 131. Kaissel Bermudo, Alumni, UCI 132. Valerie Sanchez, Undergraduate Student, UC Irvine 133. Carol Baez, Undergraduate Student, Chemistry, UCI 134. Ali Captan, UCI 135. Melisa Lu 136. Oi Yan Ho 137. Brittney Sia, Social Ecology, UCI 138. Katrina Yip, Undergraduate Student, UCI 139. Johnny E. Williams, Associate Professor of Sociology, Trinity College 140. Joseph Zerrudo, Undergraduate Student, Psychology and Social Behavior (UCI) 141. Maryann Adraincem 142. Michael Finney, UCI Alumni 143. Justin Lara, Alumnus, Information & Computer Science (UC Irvine) 144. Paul Caporaso, Undergraduate student , UC Irvine 145. Alyssa Lingad, Undergraduate Student, Computer Science (UCI) 146. Alyssa Lingad, Undergraduate Student, Computer Science (UCI) 147. Diana Sandil, Undergraduate Student, UC Irvine 148. Patrice Douglass, Graduate Student, Culture and Theory (UCI) 149. Judith Granados, Undergraduate Student, Informatics, UCI 150. Jessica Conte, Graduate Student, East Asian Languages and Literatures, UCI 151. Cheryl Zarate, KmB propeople youth 152. Dennis Dang, Undergraduate Student, Bio Sci, UCI 153. Alec Paule, Undergraduate Student, Biology, UCI 154. Yazleen Alonso, Undergraduate Student, Chicano Latino Studies, UCI 155. Ranim Labanieh, Undergraduate Student, Comparative Literature/Cognitive Sciences, UCI 156. Medha Asthana, Undergraduate Student, Anthropology and Business Administration, UCI 157. Ephrath Chow, Bus Admin (UC Irvine) 158. Van Zhang, Undergraduate, Pharmacy (University of the Pacific) 159. Jennifer Gutierrez, UC Irvine Alumnus 160. Misael Marquez, Undergraduate Student, UC Irvine 161. Merlene Alonso, Undergraduate Student, UCLA 162. Merlene Alonso, Undergraduate Student, UCLA 163. Nathan Goh, Undergraduate Student, UC Irvine 164. Tyler Yniguez, UCI 165. Jayant Totlani, Undergraduate Student, UCI 166. Benjamin Parris, Fellow, Cornell Society for the Humanities 167. Jennifer Martinez, Undergraduate Student, UCI 168. Justin Pataray, School of Social Sciences, UCI 169. Jennifer Martinez, Undergraduate Student, UCI 170. Taylor Flynn, Undergraduate Student, Biological Sciences (UCI) 171. Giselle Guro, UCI alum 172. Jazmyne McNeese 173. Frank B. Wilderson III Professor of African American Studies and Drama, UC Irvine 174. Nancy Huang 175. Afrikan Black Coalition at UCI 176. Nancy de Haro, UCI alumna 177. Michelle Yang , Undergraduate Student, UCI 178. Christina Su, Graduate Student, Public Health, Icahn School at Mount Sinai 179. Monica Pelcastre, UCI undergraduate student 180. Leticia Cruz, undergraduate student, CLS, UCI 181. Nicholas Chang, Undergraduate Student, Chemical Engineer, UCI 182. Paige Hancock, undergraduate student, UC San Diego 183. Mandy Cohen, Graduate Student, Comp Lit, UCB 184. Roldan Gammad, Undergraduate Student, Computer Game Science, UCI 185. Mahmood Khan, Graduate Student, UCLA 186. Timothy Dicorato, Undergraduate Student (UCI) 187. Marilyn Koo 188. Anthony Pham, Undergraduate Student (UCI) 189. Mohammad Raza 190. Tyson Patros, Graduate Student, Sociology (UCI) 191. Sandra Rangel, Undergraduate Student, Business Economics, UCI 192. Andrew Higgins, Graduate Student UCD 193. Marsela Rojas-Salas 194. Christine Thrasher, UCI alumna 195. Giovannie Nunez-Duenas, UCLA undergraduate 196. Andres Valdovinos, Undergraduate UCI 197. Noe Gaytan, UCI alum 198. Alexandra Holmstrom-Smith, Graduate Student, UCLA 199. Gray Abarca 200. cristina flores, staff, UCI 201. Frederick Leif Shen 202. Andrea Lu, UCI Undergraduate Student 203. Yessenia macias 204. Tanya Mendez UCI Undergraduate student at UCI 205. Noelle Evangelista, UCI alumna 206. Joshua Clover, Professor, UC Davis 207. Sandra Rangel, Undergraduate Student, Business Economics, UCI 208. Kayla Simonson 209. Lucero Ramos, Graduate Student (CSULB) 210. Leahanne Klabbers, Undergraduate Student, Civil Engineer (UCI) 211. Oday Guerrero, UCI alumnus 212. Silas Karanja, Undergraduate Student, Economics, UCI 213. Amanda Mixon, Graduate Student, Comparative Literature (UCI) 214. Asher Niu, Undergrad, UCI 215. Megan Brooker, Graduate Student, Sociology (UC Irvine) 216. Ben Mabie, Undergraduate Student (UCSC) & AFSME 3299 217. Courtney Cecale, Graduate Student (UCLA) 218. Lucy Carrillo, Graduate Student, Anthropology, UCI 219. Lesley Chan 220. Jaimie Joo, Undergraduate, UCI 221. Raymond Chan, Undergraduate Student, UCI 222. Horacio Legras, Professor, Spanish and Portuguese, UCI 223. Nicole Quang, pharmacy student, UCI alumni 224. Sabrina Zuluaga, Undergraduate Student, UCI 225. Tyson Patros, Graduate Student, Sociology, UCI 226. Francisco Mejia 227. Erin Trapp, PhD Comparative Literature (UCI) 228. Tony Tizcareño, UCI Alumnus 229. Jocelyne Agustin, Undergraduate Student (UCI) 230. Anirban Gupta-Nigam, Graduate Student, UC Irvine 231. Melody Lim, UCI Alumna 232. Vanna Hoang (UCI) 233. Melissa Maldonado, UCI Alumni 234. Melody Yee, Udergrad at UCD 235. Gabe Newell, President of the GNAA 236. Beeguy Foryu 237. Khajidmaa Soyoltulga 238. Jerry Truong, Undergraduate (UCI) 239. Melissa Wrapp, PhD Student, Anthropology (UCI) 240. Jennifer Alvarez, PHP, UC Irvine 241. Hanami Do, Undergraduate student (UCI) 242. Jo Hale, PhD Student, UCD Sociology 243. Emily Larin, UCI Alumna 244. Hairo Cortes, Undergrad, Santa Ana College 245. Philip Anselmo, Graduate Student, UCI 246. AJ Jalos, Undergraduate Student, UC Irvine 247. Nathalie Gonzalez, undergraduate student, CLS, ICI 248. James Kim, UCI Alumnus 249. Allison Nguyen, Undergraduate Student, UCI 250. Maritza Y Duran 251. Ovsanna Balian, Undergraduate Student (UCI) 252. Maritza Y Duran, UCI Undergrad 253. Nicole Atienza, Undergraduate Student, School of Humanities (UCI) 254. Ovsanna Balian, Undergraduate Student (UCI) 255. Gershwin Merencillo, UCI 256. Chris Newfield, Professor of English, UCSB 257. Nguyen Dinh, Undegraduate, UCI 258. Filipe de Carvalho, Undergraduate Student, UMass Amherst 259. Karina Lopez, Undergraduate Student, Criminology (UCI) 260. Connor Gorman, Graduate Student, Physics (UC Davis) 261. Amy Yu, Undergraduate Student, UCI 262. Joshua Anderson, Graduate Student, UC Berkeley 263. Negin Fatahi, undergraduate student (UCI) 264. Inderpal Grewal, Yale University 265. Johnny K. Sok 266. Siamrath Boonsakul, UCI Alumni 267. Vanessa Perez, undergraduate (UC Irvine) 268. Angelica Armenta, Undergraduate student, UCI 269. Morgan Presta, STEM Academy, Los Angeles City College 270. Andy Hines, Graduate Student, Vanderbilt University 271. Camille I., UCI Alumni 272. Virginia Qi, Undergraduate Student, UCI 273. Negin Fatahi, Undergraduate, UCI 274. Mayra Franco, Undergraduate Student UCI 275. Chris Malcolm, Graduate Student, Comparative Literature, UCI. 276. Leslie Serpas, Undergraduate Student, Psychology and Social Behavior/ Education Sciences, UCI 277. Janesh Chhabra, High School Student at Silver Creek High School 278. Anhthu Dang, PharmSci Undergraduate Student, UCI 279. Shiva Kannan, student at Silver Creek 280. Khalid Kadir, Lecturer, UCB 281. Stephanie Sajor, UCI Alumna, KmB Pro-People Youth 282. Eddy M. Gana Jr., UCI Alumnus, KmB Pro-People Youth 283. Charllotte Anderson, UCI alumna 284. Aaron Wong, student at Silver Creek High School 285. Samuel Cohen, Associate Professor of English 286. Darine Atassi 287. Parshan Khosravi 288. Dalia Maldonado, Undergraduate Student, MSMU 289. Helen Tomimbang 290. Vinson Tran 291. Eduardo Cruz, Undergraduate Student UCI 292. John Bruning, UCI alumnus, law student, University of Minnesota 293. Aimee Murillo, UCI Alum 294. Rebecca Balon, Graduate Student in English, UCI 295. Ithzel Santana, Undeegraduate Student, Political Science, UCI 296. Jannevince Quijada, Gradstudent, Stanford University 297. Andrea Velazquez, ASUCD Senator, Undergraduate Student, UCD 298. Matthew M. Harris, Graduate Student, Religious Studies (UCSB) 299. Jessica Almaraz 300. Amelia Hill, Head Steward UAW 2865 (UCLA) 301. Daniella Laset, UCI Alum 302. María Dolores Beltrán, Undergraduate Student, UCI 303. Jhealyn Rogers, Undergraduate Student, UCI 304. Jazmin Martinez, UCI Alumna 305. Lorenzo Mutia, Undergraduate Student, Journalism and Asian American Studies, CSUN 306. Jamie Gulpo, Undergraduate, UCI 307. Alex Blue V, Graduate Student, Ethnomusicology (UCSB) 308. Sarah Medina,Undergraduate Student (UCI) 309. Kirsty Singer, Grad student, Comparative Literature (UCI) 310. Kevin Nguyen, UC Irvine Alumnus 311. Mitchell Magat 312. Anandi Rao, Graduate Student, Comparative Literature (UCI) 313. Cee Ayeay, Professor of Aeronautics, UCSD 314. Anna Finn, Grad Student, English, UCI 315. Eddie Rodas, Undergraduate Student, Gender and Sexuality Studies and African American Studies, UCI 316. Paul Hoang Nguyen, UCI Alumnus 317. Tess Andrea, Undergraduate Student, UCI 318. Chakib Mouzaoui, UCLA Undergraduate 319. Jack Beegan, Undergraduate, UCSD 320. Max Cheng, UCI Undergraduate Student 321. Sherilyn Datu, Studio Art, UC Irvine Alumna 322. Alexandria Burk, Undergraduate Student, CSUN 323. Ivette N. Hernandez, UCI 324. Phoebe Dedman, Graduate Student, Aerospace Engineering (CSULB) 325. Blanca Molina, Undergraduate student, Political Science (UCI) 326. Julianna Cressman, Undergraduate, UCI 327. Chelsea Nicole Baloo, UCI Undergraduate Student, Political Science 328. Christopher Liu, UCI Undergraduate Student 329. Tom Vo, UCI Undergrad 330. Erika Jordan, UCI Alum 331. Andy Li, Undergraduate Student, Vassar College 332. Neto Sosa 333. Geeranan Chuersanga, Undergraduate Student, UCI 334. Ruqayya Ahmad 335. Ghada Mourad, Graduate Student, Comparative Literature (UCI) 336. Colin McLaughlin-Alcock, Graduate Student, Anthropology UCI 337. Yissel Leon, UCI Undergraduate Student 338. Raquel Ochoa, UCLA Undergraduate 339. Petra De La Cruz, UCI Undergraduate Student 340. Elaine Andres, Graduate Student, Culture & Theory (UCI) 341. Shyam Patel, Graduate Student, English, UCI 342. Ramses Chavarin, UCI Undergraduate, Business Economics 343. Tam Quang, UCI undegraduate student 344. Mitzi German, UCI Undergraduate Student 345. Peter R Cibula, Graduate Student, English (UCI) 346. Natalie Sigala, Undergraduate Student, UCSB 347. Evelyn Paul, UCSB undergraduate 348. Curtis Marez, Associate Professor and Chair, Ethnic Studies, UCSD 349. Peipei Nie 350. Nataly Bautista, UCLA Undergraduate 351. Joseph Vu, UCI Alumnus 352. Victoria Lee, UCI 353. Lumy Amador, Undergraduate Student, UCI 354. Evelyn Luu, Undergraduate Student, Software Engineering, UCI 355. Kassandra Ambriz, Undergraduate Student, UCI 356. Maycha Vang, UCI Undergraduate 357. Aleesha Somani, UCI undergraduate 358. Dristi Angdembey, Undergraduate Student, School of Biological Sciences (UCI) 359. Linda Huynh, Undergraduate Student; Public Health Sciences, UCI 360. Naomi C, Undergraduate Student, UCI 361. Matthew Sperry, UCLA Alumnus 362. Alejandro Muro, Social and Cultural Analysis of Education, CSULB 363. Dallas Augustine, Graduate Student, Criminology, Law, and Society (UCI) 364. Alicia Chan, UCI Undergraduate 365. Tiffany Nguyen, Undergraduate, UCI 366. David Hollingsworth, UCI alumnus 367. Julio Rivera, Undergraduate Student, Chicano/Latino Studies, (UCI) 368. Dominic Dickinson, UCI undergraduate student 369. Yeonju Seong, Undergraduate Student, Art History, UCI 370. Wendy Hu, Undergraduate Student, UCI 371. Jim Lee 372. Stephen Cope, UC San Diego, Alumni 373. Joby Aquino, Undergraduate, Engineering, UCI 374. David Hollingsworth, UC Irvine, Alumnus 375. Pamela Paragas, Student, Undergrad 376. Phuong Do 377. Vanessa Hsia 378. Amanda Apgar, PhD student, UCLA 379. Mailor Lee, Undergraduate Student, UCI 380. Susila Gurusami, PhD Candidate, UCLA 381. Ali Hamdan, Graduate Student, Geography, UCLA 382. AF3IRM Orange County Chapter 383. Fatima Lopez, UCI Undergraduate 384. Frederick Macapinlac, Esq., UC Irvine and University of Hawai`i Manoa Alumnus 385. Gene Moy, UCLA Alum 386. Gabriel Vidal, UCI Alumnus 387. Guan Yu Liu, Undergraduate Student, Biomedical Engineering, UCI 388. Tiffany Tang 389. Fritzi Washington (UCI) undergraduate 390. Mark Pangilinan, Comparative Literature, Alumnus, UCI 391. Melody Chung, UCI Undergraduate 392. Belinda Khou, Undergraduate, UCI 393. Andrew Gutierrez, UCSD Undergraduate 394. Miriam Gonzalez, UC Los Angeles Undergrad 395. Gema Antonio, undergraduate, Sociology, UCI 396. Brian Wiley UCI Graduate Student 397. Joe Feise, UC Irvine, Alumnus 398. Jin Hyuk Ho, William and Mary Undergraduate, East Asian and Asian American Studies 399. Robert Farley, UCLA 400. Kimberly Reyes, Undergraduate, Student, Philosophy and Psychology and Social Behavior, UC Irvine 401. Jim Hayden, Graduate Student, University of Missouri-Columbia 402. Katie Huang, UC San Diego, Undergraduate 403. Derek De Los Angeles, Student, Undergraduate, Engineering, UCI 404. April Friges, MFA studio art, class of 2010 405. Kevin Sabo, UC Student Association Board Chair 406. Robert Wood, UC Irvine, Researcher 407. Samuel Weeks, UCLA & UAW 2865 408. Hilda Crisantos, Undergraduate Student, UCI 409. Drew Baker 410. John Chen, UC Irvine, Undergraduate 411. Joseph Sabolboro, UCI Alumni 412. Melissa Aguirre, UCI Undergraduate Student 413. Julian Thach, UCI Alumni and Staff 414. Mayra Chavez, UCI Undergraduate 415. Viet Thanh Nguyen, Professor, USC and Ambassador, Orange County Southeast Asian Archive at UCI 416. Ivonne Huitron, UC Irvine alumna 417. Alyosha Goldstein, Assoc Prof of American Studies, University of New Mexico 418. Cesar Varela, Undergraduate Student, Bowdoin College 419. Michael Tam, Undergraduat 420. Alyssa K, UCI 421. Nandita Badami, Graduate Student, Anthropology, UCIShanelle Garcia Undergraduate Student, International Studies/Anthropology (UCI) 422. Jennifer Ho, UNC Chapel Hill 423. David Woods, Pastor, Graduate Student, English (UCI) 424. Sonoma Deakins, undergrad at UCI 425. Ramon Quintero UCLA 426. Rachel Kim, Undergraduate, UCI 427. Joe Feise, UC Irvine School of Information and Computer Science, Alumnus 428. Tony Li 429. Jocelyne Agustin, Undergraduate Student, Environmental Science, UCI 430. Ian Pareja, UCI, Undergraduate, Mechanical Engineering 431. Lilith Mahmud, Associate Professor of Gender & Sexuality Studies, UCI 432. Rajagopalan Radhakrishnan 433. Viet Nguyen, Undergraduate Student, Computer Science, UCR 434. Rajagopalan Radhakrishnan, Chancellor's Professor of English 435. Jin Eo, UCI Undergraduate Student 436. Chelsey Mones, UC Irvine, Alumnus 437. Sanaa Khan, UCI Undergraduate Student 438. Ruben Alejandro Martin, UCI Alumnus 439. Wenmar Badbada, Undergraduate Student, UCI 440. Andy Le, UC Irvine, Alumnus 441. Aurora Moreno, UCI undergraduate student 442. Cameron Brenner Pierce College GSA 443. Saniya Taher, UCI alumnus 444. Christopher Galeano, Undergraduate, UC IRVINE 445. Jennifer Martin Del Campo (UCI) 446. Andrea Gaspar, UCI Irvine, Alumni 447. Karen Jallatyan, UCI Graduate Student, Comparative Literature 448. Joe Ackerman, UCLA Undergrad, English 449. Natasha Zubair, UCI Alumni 450. Jamie Rogers, UCI, Comparative Literature 451. Melvin Noriega, UC Irvine, Alumnus 452. Emilio Manuel Camu, College Access Adviser 453. Anthony Delgado UCI and UCLA Alumni 454. Elena Nguyen, Undergraduate Student, Business Economics (UCI) 455. Evan Conaway, Graduate Student, Anthropology, UCI 456. Amanda Mennis, Grad student in Classics (UCLA) 457. Kelly Im, Undergraduate Student, Political Science and Economics, UCI 458. Manila Ryce, KmB, Pro-People Youth 459. Patrick Chen, UC Irvine Alumnus 460. Shelley Streeby, Professor of Literature and Ethnic Studies, UCSD 461. Hong-An Truong, Asst. Professor of Art, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill 462. Kevin Mori, UCI alumnus 463. Minh Tran, Undergrad, UCLA 464. Mariel Gruszko, Graduate Student, Anthropology 465. Vanessa Guzman, UCLA Alum 466. Benson Lao, Undergraduate 467. Martha Winnacker, Berkeley Alumna 468. Sharon Aviles, UCI Alumnus 469. Angela Chung, Undergraduate 470. Jenny Ear, UCI Undergraduate Student, Pharmaceutical Sciences 471. David Sheridan, Lecturer, History, Cal State Long Beach 472. Veronica Franco (undergraduate) 473. Sharon Lee, UCI undergraduate student 474. Mark Villegas Graduate Student Culture and Theory UCI 475. Gaolee Vang, UCI Alumnus 476. John Delshadi, UCI Undergraduate 477. Anuja Bose 478. Mohammed Majrashi 479. Jason Chiu 480. Heba Mohammed, UCI Alumnus 481. Mona Bdaiwi, Undergraduate, UCI 482. Suzy Hernandez (UCI) 483. Theone Ly, UCI Undergraduate Student 484. Anna Zhao, UCI Undergraduate 485. Lakshmi Vrittamani, Undergraduate Student 486. Emily Thuma, Gender & Sexuality Studies, UCI 487. Yesenia Martinez, Worker Student Alliance 488. Sheila Xiao, UCI Alum 489. Jesse S. Cohn, Associate Professor of English, Purdue University North Central 490. Tina Feng,UCI Undergraduate Student,CGS 491. Casden Simonson, UCI student 492. Christina Ong, UCI Alumnus 493. James Louie, UCI undergrad 494. Emma Rosenthal DragonflyHill Urban Farm 495. Kara Rivera, Undergraduate Student, UCI 496. Tammy Hoang, UCI alumnus 497. Summer Sharma 498. Lezleigh Millhauser, UCI Undergraduate 499. Guadalupe Karina Cazares, Undergraduate student, Uistory (UCI) 500. Vincent C, UCI alumnus 501. Christine W Gailey, UC Riverside faculty 502. Vivian L, UCI 503. Shannon Ikebe, Graduate Student, UC Berkeley 504. Brandon Wild, Graduate Student, English, UCI 505. Grace Lee, PharmSci, UCI 506. The Davis Unit of UC Student Worker Union UAW 2865 507. Vivian Luu, Undergraduate, UCI 508. Dean Sameshima 509. Jennifer Ocin, UCI Undergraduate Student 510. Juliana Chang, Associate Professor of English, Santa Clara University 511. Tracy La, Undergraduate student, Political Science, UCI 512. Saloni Mathur, UCI Undergrad, Political Science 513. Nancy M., UCI Undergrad 514. Erineo Garcia, Undergraduate Student, UCLA 515. Eric Huynh, UCI Undergraduate 516. Carol Yi-Hsuan Lai, English MA graduate, University of British Columbia 517. Shanelle Garcia Undergraduate Student, International Studies/Anthropology (UCI) 518. Jennifer Ho, UNC Chapel Hill 519. David Woods, Pastor, Graduate Student, English (UCI) 520. Amanda Apgar, PhD student, UCLA 521. Mailor Lee, Undergraduate Student, UCI 522. Susila Gurusami, PhD Candidate, UCLA 523. Ali Hamdan, Graduate Student, Geography, UCLA 524. AF3IRM Orange County Chapter 525. Fatima Lopez, UCI Undergraduate 526. Frederick Macapinlac, Esq., UC Irvine and University of Hawai`i Manoa Alumnus 527. Gene Moy, UCLA Alum 528. Gabriel Vidal, UCI Alumnus 529. Guan Yu Liu, Undergraduate Student, Biomedical Engineering, UCI 530. Tiffany Tang 531. Fritzi Washington (UCI) undergraduate 532. Mark Pangilinan, Comparative Literature, Alumnus, UCI 533. Melody Chung, UCI Undergraduate 534. Belinda Khou, Undergraduate, UCI 535. Andrew Gutierrez, UCSD Undergraduate 536. Miriam Gonzalez, UC Los Angeles Undergrad 537. Gema Antonio, undergraduate, Sociology, UCI 538. Brian Wiley UCI Graduate Student 539. Joe Feise, UC Irvine, Alumnus 540. Jin Hyuk Ho, William and Mary Undergraduate, East Asian and Asian American Studies 541. Robert Farley, UCLA 542. Kimberly Reyes, Undergraduate, Student, Philosophy and Psychology and Social Behavior, UC Irvine 543. Jim Hayden, Graduate Student, University of Missouri-Columbia 544. Katie Huang, UC San Diego, Undergraduate 545. Derek De Los Angeles, Student, Undergraduate, Engineering, UCI 546. April Friges, MFA studio art, class of 2010 547. Kevin Sabo, UC Student Association Board Chair 548. Robert Wood, UC Irvine, Researcher 549. Samuel Weeks, UCLA & UAW 2865 550. Hilda Crisantos, Undergraduate Student, UCI 551. Drew Baker 552. John Chen, UC Irvine, Undergraduate 553. Joseph Sabolboro, UCI Alumni 554. Melissa Aguirre, UCI Undergraduate Student 555. Julian Thach, UCI Alumni and Staff 556. Mayra Chavez, UCI Undergraduate 557. Viet Thanh Nguyen, Professor, USC and Ambassador, Orange County Southeast Asian Archive at UCI 558. Ivonne Huitron, UC Irvine alumna 559. Alyosha Goldstein, Assoc Prof of American Studies, University of New Mexico 560. Cesar Varela, Undergraduate Student, Bowdoin College 561. Michael Tam, Undergraduat 562. Alyssa K, UCI 563. Nandita Badami, Graduate Student, Anthropology, UCI 564. Sonoma Deakins, undergrad at UCI 565. Ramon Quintero UCLA 566. Rachel Kim, Undergraduate, UCI 567. Joe Feise, UC Irvine School of Information and Computer Science, Alumnus 568. Tony Li 569. Jocelyne Agustin, Undergraduate Student, Environmental Science, UCI 570. Ian Pareja, UCI, Undergraduate, Mechanical Engineering 571. Lilith Mahmud, Associate Professor of Gender & Sexuality Studies, UCI 572. Kevin Nguyen UC Irvine Alumunus 573. Laila Seitz, former student 574. Lakshita Gangaramani, Undergraduate Student, UCI 575. Elaine L Chen, UCI alumnus 576. Andrew Vong, Undergraduate, UCI 577. Maribel Rodarte, UCI Alumnus 578. Andrew Shipley, Graduate Student, English, UCI 579. Laura Hyun Yi Kang, Associate Professor, Gender & Sexuality Studies 580. Anna Alves, Graduate Student, Rutgers University 581. Tamara Beauchamp, Lecturer UC Irvine 582. Ethan Wu, UCI 583. Amanda Wortman, UCI Alumni 584. Sabrina Smith, Undergraduate Student, Drama, UCI 585. Ian Pareja, UCI, Engineering Undergraduate 586. Julie Chapa, UCI alumna 587. Karla Hernandez, Undergraduate, CLS & PSB (UCI) 588. Kurt Horner, UC Irvine 589. Jessica Perez, UCI, Social Ecology Undergraduate Student 590. The Rev. Nicole Janelle, St. Michael's University Episcopal Church Isla Vista 591. Michelle Vo, UCI Undergraduate 592. Khanh Phan, UCI, Biological Sciences Undergraduate Student 593. Ye Thao, UCI Undergraduate 594. Omar Nicanor, Undergraduate, UCI 595. Jazzy Quinabo, UCI alumna 596. Aviva Milner-Brage, Graduate Student, UAW 2865, UC Santa Barbara 597. Jordanna Monteiro, UCI Alumnus/MPH student (Boston U) 598. Mika Smith, UCI alumna 599. Kevin Bui, Undergraduate Student, UCI 600. Alex Barnard, UCB, Graduate Student-Worker 601. Crystal Hickerson, Comparative Literature, UCI 602. Priscilla Perez, Undergraduate student, English/Gender & Sexuality Studies(UCI) 603. Victoria Adebona, UCI undergraduate student 604. Savenaca Gasaiwai (UCI, Political Science and Sociology) 605. Priscilla Perez, Undergraduate student, English/Gender & Sexuality Studies(UCI) 606. Diana Valencia UCI Alumna 607. Vanessa Sanchez, Undergraduate Student, Mathematics, UCI 608. Melissa Valerio, UCSC, Undergrad 609. Steven Chao, Undergraduate at UC Irvine 610. Hector Ramirez, Undergraduate, UCSD 611. James Kreidler, UCD Alum 612. Gabrielle Bussey, Undergraduate Student, Korean Language and Literature, UCI 613. Coral Wheeler, UC Irvine Physics Grad Student and UAW 2865 Head Steward 614. Kelsey Collier, Graduate Student, Physics (UCI) 615. Jessica Venegas, UCI undergrad 616. Dulce Saavedra, Undergraduate, California State University, Fullerton 617. Lilly Irani, Assistant Professor UCSD Communication, alumna UCI Informatics 618. Raquel Pacheco, UCSD Anthropology 619. Brooke Delao, undergrad, CLU 620. Gabriela Cedillo 621. Christelle Raphael 622. Julian Jaravata, Alumnus, Stanford University 623. Michelle Chang, Graduate STudent, UCLA 624. Kristin Wong, Undergraduate student, UCI 625. Priscilla Hoang 626. joseline santos 627. Arman Azedi, UCR undergraduate 628. Jerome Raphael, Undergraduate Student, Anthropology and Political Science, UCLA 629. Rae Kian, CSUN Alumnus 630. Sarah Amer, UCI Alumnus 631. Dina Al-Kassim, Assoc Prof of English, University of British Columbia, Vancouver 632. Omar Villa, Research Administrator, USC 633. Johanna Isaacson, Instructor, UCSC 634. Grace Shefcik, UCSC 635. Elizabeth Hemphill, UCI alumna 636. Jennifer Mogi, UC Irvine Alumni 637. Emily Meneses, Undergraduate Student, UCI 638. Jordan Edmunds, UCI Legislative Council Member 639. Angela Oh, Undergraduate 640. Moshe Lichman, UCI 641. Maxwell Leung, California College of the Arts 642. Meghan Camacho, UCI Alumna 643. John Namjun Kim, Associate Professor, Comparative Literature, UC Riverside 644. Khue Bui, UCI Undergrad 645. Jasmine Esquivias, UCI Undergraduate 646. Maria Bose, Graduate Student, UCI 647. Nizan Shaked, Associate Professor (CSULB) 648. Joshua Hudson, UCSB Undergraduate 649. Michele saee designer 650. Abhiramy Sathyanarayana, UCI Undergraduate 651. Todd Lu, Undergrad, UCLA 652. Connor Culligan, UCI Alum 653. Monica Torres, CSUN Alumni 654. Annie Tran, UCI Undergraduate 655. Rev. Sandra M. Richards, UCI Alumna 656. Alex Gau, UCI Undergraduate 657. Ruby Valencia (UCI) 658. Viet Nguyen, Undergraduate Student, Computer Science, UCR 659. Rajagopalan Radhakrishnan, Chancellor's Professor of English 660. Jin Eo, UCI Undergraduate Student 661. Chelsey Mones, UC Irvine, Alumnus 662. Sanaa Khan, UCI Undergraduate Student 663. Ruben Alejandro Martin, UCI Alumnus 664. Wenmar Badbada, Undergraduate Student, UCI 665. Andy Le, UC Irvine, Alumnus 666. Aurora Moreno, UCI undergraduate student 667. Cameron Brenner Pierce College GSA 668. Saniya Taher, UCI alumnus 669. Christopher Galeano, Undergraduate, UC IRVINE 670. Jennifer Martin Del Campo (UCI) 671. Andrea Gaspar, UCI Irvine, Alumni 672. Karen Jallatyan, UCI Graduate Student, Comparative Literature 673. Joe Ackerman, UCLA Undergrad, English 674. Natasha Zubair, UCI Alumni 675. Jamie Rogers, UCI, Comparative Literature 676. Melvin Noriega, UC Irvine, Alumnus 677. Emilio Manuel Camu, College Access Adviser 678. Anthony Delgado UCI and UCLA Alumni 679. Elena Nguyen, Undergraduate Student, Business Economics (UCI) 680. Evan Conaway, Graduate Student, Anthropology, UCI 681. Amanda Mennis, Grad student in Classics (UCLA) 682. Kelly Im, Undergraduate Student, Political Science and Economics, UCI 683. Manila Ryce, KmB, Pro-People Youth 684. Patrick Chen, UC Irvine Alumnus 685. Beatrice Zuniga, Undergraduate, UCI 686. Andrea Gutierrez, Undergraduate Student, History and Global Cultures, UCI 687. Miguel Angel Olvera, UCI Undergraduate Student, Comparative Literature 688. Paul An 689. Carmen Wildfong, UCI Undergrad & Graduate Student 690. Jeanne Scheper, Assistant Professor of Gender & Sexuality Studies, UCI 691. Jennifer Tello (UC Irvine, undergraduate) 692. Nicole C., undergrad, UCI 693. Andrea Gutierrez, Undergraduate Student, History and Global Cultures, UCI 694. Kit Lee, East Los Angeles College 695. Zahra Nemati, Graduate Student Public Health UCI 696. Kayla Johnson, UCI Undergraduate 697. Yossymar Rojas Business Economics Major Undergraf 698. Sabrina van Engelen, MAT UCI 2007, BA UCLA 2001 699. Jordan Aguayo, Undergraduate Student, Psychology and Social Behavior 700. Mandy Leung, Public Health Policy, UCI 701. Jason Jung,Blended Graduate,Computer Science( University of the Pacific) 702. San Appel UCLA MA Urban Planning 703. Gabriela Morales, Undergraduate, UCLA 704. Lori Nixon, UCSC, Sociology 705. Justin Prado, UCI Undergraduate, Environmental Science 706. Jessica Yu, Undergraduate Student, UCI 707. Caitlyn Del Rio, UCI Undergraduate Student 708. Nadya Mulyanto, Undergraduate Student, UC Irvine 709. David Feldman (UAW 2865 Head Steward, PhD Student in Sociology, UCSB) 710. Mary Ka, UCI undergrad 711. Toni Elizabeth Rogers, Undergraduate Student, UCI 712. Andrea Schmidt, UCI Undergraduate 713. Nicholas Leon, UCI 714. Lesley Chan, UCI Undergraduate 715. Keith Murphy, Associate Professor, Anthropology, UCI 716. Cletus Billy-Bob Roberts, U of Alabama 717. Daisy Stephanie Arellano, UCI Undergraduate 718. Malcom Morales, UC Irvine Undergraduate 719. Andrea Aranzamendez, Southern California Pilipin@ American Student Alliance (SCPASA) 720. Madeline Chan, Undergraduate Student, UC Irvine 721. Nicole Chmielewski, Graduate Student, School of Medicine UCI 722. Nely Cristerna, Undergraduate Student, UCI 723. Annita Kuo, undergraduate, UCLA 724. Claire Jean Kim, Professor, Political Science and Asian American Studies, UCI 725. Elaine Zhao, UCI Undergraduate Student 726. Briana Sara-Flores 727. Daisy Stephanie Arellano, UCI Undergraduate 728. Eddie Nguyen, UC Santa Barbara Undergraduate 729. Amal Ali, undergraduate student at UC Riverside 730. Nicole Larson, UCI Undergraduate 731. Zach DeStefano, Graduate Student, Computer Science, UCI 732. Vaibhav Saini, UC Irvine, Informatics-Ph.D 733. Dan Kato, ASUCI 734. Xitlali Ramirez,Undergraduate Student, Cognitive Science, UCI 735. Dan Kato, ASUCI 736. Audrey Nguyen, Undergraduate Student UCI, Biological Sciences 737. Peggy Chen, Undergraduate, Biological Sciences, UCI 738. Aliya Kochiyama, Undergraduate, UCI 739. Julia Finelt, advocate for humanity 740. Calvin Choi, UCI undergraduate student 741. Maria Parada, Undergraduate, UCI 742. Daryl Zhao, Chapman University 743. Janette Perez, Undergraduate Student, Criminology, Law and Society, UCI 744. Emily Andrews, Graduate Student, Anthropology 745. Tasha Lam, UCI Undergrad 746. Student, UCI Public Health 747. Hillary Chansavang, UCI Undergraduate Student 748. Colin Cahill, Graduate Student, Anthropology, UCI 749. monica meneses 750. Celila Blackney, UC Santa Cruz Student Union Assembly 751. Moosa Azadian, UCI Alumni, Medical Student (USC) 752. Alex Wu, UCI Undergraduate Student 753. Taylor W, Undergraduate, UCI 754. Toshi X. Tomori, UCI Alumnus; Grad Student, Comparative Literature, U of Toronto 755. Donna Lin UC Irvine Undergraduate 756. Gary Fields, Associate Professor UCSD 757. Holden Makok UCI Almuni 758. Dre Leu, KmB, Pro-People Youth 759. Anirban Samanta, UCI, Alumnus 760. Ilaria Giglioli, UC Berkeley 761. Clinton Clad-Johnson, History and Political Science, UCLA 762. Alexabelle Paulino, undergraduate student, UC Irvine 763. Cristina Tangreti, Undergraduate student of Comparative Literature, UCI 764. Carmela Monis 765. Shayanne Ortiz, UCI Undergraduate 766. Laurie Dickmeyer, Graduate Student, UCI 767. Blanca Varela, Political Science and International Studies Major, UCI 768. Erik Hanson, Graduate Student, UCLA Political Science 769. Daniel Cano, UCI Undergraduate 770. Alan Flores, LACC Undergraduate 771. Ghiyath Alazzah, UC Irvine Undergraduate 772. Jairo Garcia UCI, Undergraduate 773. Rudy Mondragon UCI Alumnus 774. Alexandro Jose Gradilla, Chicana/o Studies, CSU Fullerton 775. Rudy Mondragon UCI Alumnus 776. Daisy Cruz UCI undergraduate 777. Terence Rustia, Undergraduate, Public Health/Comparative Literature (UC Irvine) 778. Guadalupe Karina Cazares, undergrad UCI 779. Robert Macaisa, Southern California Pilipin@ American Student Alliance (SCPASA) 780. Anthony Salguero, UC Berkeley, Undergraduate 781. Marycruz Hernandez, UCI Undergraduate student 782. Jairo Garcia UC Irvine Undergraduate 783. Jylannie Caro, Undergraduate Student, UCI 784. Karim Arabi, Residential Education Board. Proud undergraduate at UC Irvine. 785. Patricia Zaragoza UCI undergraduate 786. Erika Barbero, UCLA Undergraduate 787. Vinh Tran, UC Merced Alumnus 788. Dominique Le, Undergraduate Student, UCI 789. Annalisa Carrillo-Fulk, UCI alumnus and staff 790. Danny Juarez, Graduate Student, American Studies, CSUF 791. Marcedalia Lopez, UC Irvine Undergrad 792. Kim, School of Social Ecology 793. Rachel Do (UCI) 794. Gabe Yeung, UCI alum 795. Zaine Atassi 796. Kim Quyen Le, UCI Undergraduate 797. Irandokht Dina Moinzadeh, Université Paris-Ouest Nanterre / Lecturer in French, UCI 798. erin Khue Ninh, UCSB faculty 799. Christian Aguilar, UCI Undergraduate 800. Sara Malik, Biological Sciences Undergraduate, UCI 801. Leya Van Doren - student, UCI 802. Tiffany Le, Undergraduate Student, Sociology, UCI 803. Vanessa M. Almanza, Undergraduate student, Sociology, UCI 804. Joan Moussan 805. Natalie Gedeon, UCI Undergrad 806. Raymond Jackson, UCI Undergraduate Student 807. Natalie Magaña, Undergraduate student, Chicana and Chicano Studies and Child Development (CSUF) 808. Miguel Zamudio Undergrad CSUF Chicano/Chicana studies / English. 809. Justin Recio, UC Irvine Alumnus 810. Muslim Student Union, UCI 811. Juan Torres, Free University Coalition UCLA 812. Roya Backlund, UCI English and Creative Writing 813. Laura Kai (uc irvine alumnus) 814. Evelyn Benitez, Undergraduate UCI 815. Kimberly Torres, UCI Undergrad 816. Zinnia Moreno, UCLA Undergraduate 817. Katrina Vergara, UCI Undergraduate Student 818. Gabrielle Sibal, UCLA Alumna 819. Anne Hawthorne, instructor St. Mary's College 820. Zohra Noor Hafeez, UCI Undergrad 821. Song Vo, UCI Alumni 822. Maria B, UCI Undegrad, Bio Sci 823. Michael Nunez, UCI Graduate Student 824. Michael Mahoney, UCI Graduate Student 825. Celeste Maya, Undergraduate, UCSD 826. Vicky Servin, Undergraduate Student, UC Irvine 827. Gladis Merino UC Irvine Undergraduate 828. Abel Morelos, UC Irvine Alumni 829. Trong Nguyen, UCI Undergraduate Student 830. Lynn Elisea Ayala (UCD) 831. Sabrina Valero, UC Irvine Alumnus 832. Luis F. Fernandez 833. Pichaya Kositsawat, UCI Alumna 834. Beverly Johnson, Undergrad, UC Irvine 835. Kelsey Moncada, UCI Undergraduate Student 836. Reid Pattis, UCI Freshman 837. Jose Santacruz 838. Andrea Soqui, undergraduate student, UCI. 839. Susan Phommasak, Undergraduate Student, UCI 840. Rochelle Lingat, Undergrad, Electrical Engineering, Cal Poly Pomona 841. Nhi Nguyen, UCI Undergraduate Student 842. Michelle Vasquez-Rui, UC Irvine Alumnus 843. Edwin Alva, UCI Undergraduate 844. Kristin Koster, Lecturer (UCD) 845. Desirae Sotto, undergraduate student 846. Silu Yang, UCI, ICS 847. Alberto C, Tonantzin Collective 848. Susan Li, Undergraduate Student, UCI 849. Stephanie Ornelas, Undergraduate Student, Humanites (UCI) 850. Dean H. Backlund, parent of current UCI student 851. Sarai Herrera, UCI Undergraduate student 852. Therese Rios, UCI Undergraduate 853. Ricky Bantog, UC Irvine, Alumnus 854. Tyler H, Undergraduate Student, Computer Science and Engineering, UCI 855. Diane-Marie Aguilar, UCI Alumnus 856. Rocio Fernandez, undergraduate student, Bio Sci, UCI 857. JD Arevalo, Undergraduate, UC Irvine 858. Robert Lewis, Undergraduate Student, Biological Sciences, UCI 859. Kevin James Sandoval, UC Irvine, Alumnus 860. Abhijit Muduganti, UCI Grad Student, Engineering 861. Kelsey Emnace, Undergraduate, Political Science and Studio Arts, UCI 862. Jan Vincent Aguilar, Nursing Science, UCI 863. Leslie Le, UCI Undergraduate, Pharmaceutical Sciences 864. Nancy Ruvalcaba, Undergraduate Student, Film and Media Studies, UCI 865. Leslie Yacopetti, UCI, Drama 866. Layla Binesh, UCI Undergrad 867. Seanna Moens, undergraduate in Drama (UCI) 868. Martha Sicairos, UC Irvine Undergraduate Student 869. Avi Wilk 870. Camilla Salas, UCI undergrad 871. Jay Eusantos, KmB | Pro-People Youth 872. Kim Chu, Undergraduate Student, Biological Sciences and Asian American Studies (UCI) 873. Jorge Flores, UC Irvine Alumnus 874. Jennifer Lima, Undergraduate Student, UC Irvine 875. Diana Zhu, UCI Undergrad 876. Sunny Khan, UCI Alumnus 877. Vanessa Garcia, UCI Undergraduate 878. Nhan Truong, Undergraduate (UCI) 879. Laura Caballero, Undergraduate Student, Sociology and Education Sciences (UCI) 880. Eliza Noh, Associate Professor and Coordinator, Asian American Studies CSUF 881. Gisselle Rodriguez, UCI Undergrad 882. Huma Madinawala, UCI Undergraduate Student, Public Health Sciences 883. Tejasvi Ayyagari, Undergraduate Student UCI 884. Jan (Cherise) Cenon, UCSB 885. Stephanie Jaimes, UC Irvine Undergraduate 886. Bishnupriya Ghosh, UC Santa Barbara, Professor, English 887. Carolina Rojas, Undergraduate Student, UCI 888. Clinton Clad-Johnson, History and Political Science, UCLA 889. Allison Lim, UCI Undergraduate 890. Noelva Robles, Undergraduate, UC Irvine 891. Al Ang, Mechanical Engineering, Undergraduate, UCI 892. Christina R. Harrison, UC Irvine Alumna 893. Shaomay Vong, UC Irvine Undergraduate Student 894. Alicia Wang, UCI Undergraduate Student 895. Thomas San Nicolas, UC Irvine Alumnus 896. Dustin Chang, UC Irvine Undergrad, Undecided 897. Rachel Heng, Undergrad at UCI 898. Kristen Van Soye, UCI Undergrad 899. Andrew Kuo Class of 2014 900. Siyi Zhang, UCI Undergraduate student 901. Austin Sharp, UCI Undergraduate 902. Julie Richardson, UCI undergraduate student 903. Christina R. Harrison, UC Irvine Alumna 904. Bryan Mangosing, Undergraduate Student, Computer Science and Japanese, UCI 905. Thomas Nguyen, UCI Undergrad Chemistry 906. Oliver Dabalos, UC Irvine Undergraduate 907. Jaye Cho, San Francisco State University, Alumni 908. Safa Ahmed, UCI Graduate Student, Accounting 909. Ashley Hughes, UCI Undergraduate Student, Biological Sciences 910. Mary Hareyan, Undergraduate 911. Dean Lalap, Physics Undergraduate, UCI 912. Presly Mellor, UCSB, Undergrad, Global Studies & Feminist Studies 913. Calvin Ly, Undergraduate, Mission College 914. Danica Bautista, UCI Undergrad 915. Anakbayan Long Beach 916. Kelly Inciong, Undergraduate Student, Computer Science (UCI) 917. John Garza, UCI Undergrad 918. Adrienne Nguyen, UCI Staff & Alumna 919. Jessica Colin Escobar, Undergraduate Student, Biological Sciences (UCI) 920. Vanessa Kao, Undergraduate Student, Computer Science and Engineering, UCI 921. Anass Malabeh, UCI Undergraduate 922. Jonalyn Smith, Undergraduate, Sociology 923. Jacob Talamantes, La Verne Alum 924. Antonio Magaña Ceballos, UCI Undergraduate Student 925. Kate Moser, UCSB Undergrad 926. Jessica Shelton, UCI Undergraduate Student 927. Davis Marker, UC Irvine Alumni 928. Chris Buck, UCSB Undergraduate, Sociology 929. Thomas Moua, UCI Undergrad, Public Health 930. Randy Nguyen, Undergraduate Student, Biological Sciences (UCI) 931. Gaganpreet Kaur, UCI Undergraduate Student 932. Benjamin Advincula, undergraduate (UCI) 933. Inderpreet Kaur, UCI Undergraduate Student 934. Navjot Kaur, CSU Fresno 935. Endy Nunez, Undergraduate, UCI 936. Harmeet Khela, CSU Fresno 937. Robert Santiago 938. Hao Ngo, Undergraduate, UC Irvine 939. Rosa Navarrete, UC Berkeley alumna 940. Dinorah Carrión Rodríguez, UCI Undergrad in Computer Science 941. Magdyel Salas, Undergraduate Student, Psychology (UC Irvine) 942. Sagar Sahoo, UCI Alumnus 943. Alexandra Shurlock, undergraduate, UC Irvine 944. Jazmin Galindo, Undergraduate Student, UCI 945. Michelle Chea, UCSB, Undergraduate 946. Briana Sara-Flores, Undergraduate, UC Irvine 947. Lisbeth Rivera, DREAMS@UCI 948. Pauline Huynh, non-affiliated student 949. Rosemary Gomez, Undergraduate Student, Criminology Law and Society 950. Chelsea Prieto, Undergraduate Student, UCI 951. Sharareh Frouzesh, UCI alumnus 952. Verenice Perez-Jaramillo, UCI Undergraduate 953. Audrey Y, UCI undergraduate 954. Patrick Racela, Undergrad (SFSU) 955. Amera Selim, UCI Undergraduate, UCI 956. Jenny Nguyen, Undergraduate Student, UCI 957. Ixchel De Leon, Undergrduate Student, UCI 958. Karen Plascencia, UCI Undergraduate Student 959. Jessica Tadique, UCI Undergraduate 960. Alexus Ortiz, UCI, School of Social Sciences & School of Social Ecology 961. Shaomay Vong, UC Irvine Undergraduate Student 962. Jonathan Lin, Undergraduate, Music & Chemical biology, UC Berkeley 963. Lizbet Lopez, Public Policy UCR 964. Christian Bager, UC Irvine, Undergrad, Business Information Management 965. Robin Hong, Undergraduate Student, Biological Sciences 966. Anh Le, Undergraduate Student, UCI 967. Enrique Raygoza 968. Roxy Brown, UCI undergrad, Anthropology and Social Ecology 969. John Rodriguez, undergraduate, CSULB 970. Sarai Herrera, UCI Undergraduate student 971. Aracely Hernandez, Undergraduate, UC Irvine 972. Marlene Alcantar, UCSB Undergraduate 973. Maia Leuterio, KmB, Pro-People Youth 974. Vivian Chau, Undergraduate, UCI 975. Joseph Nguyen, UCI Undergraduate 976. Anthony Chilese, UCI Undergraduate 977. Fabiola Guzman, UCI Undergrad 978. J.B. UCSD 979. Carolina Dominguez-Burciaga, Undergraduate, UCI 980. Anabelle Lin, Undergraduate Student, Economics, UCI 981. Giovanni Miranda 982. esmeralda zuniga, undergraduate student, politcal science, international studies 983. Carmen Estrada, Undergrad CLS/Art, MEChA, UCI 984. Francisco Arca, undergraduate student, UCI 985. Helen Tran, UCI Undergraduate 986. Kristine Jermakian, Undergraduate Student, Pharmaceutical Sciences & Women's Studies 987. Abigail Fabella, UCI Undergraduate Student 988. Tiffany Chiu, UCI 989. Brenda Tran, UCI 990. MEChA de UCI 991. Mary Sosing, UCI Undergraduate Student, Public Health Policy/ Psychology and Social Behavior 992. Yen Ly 993. Crystal Torres, UC Irvine Undergraduate, Social Ecology 994. Shannon Ho, UCI undergraduate, English major 995. Stephanie Tu, UCI 996. Cameron Tuck, Undergraduate Student, Anthropology, UCR 997. Joanne Njau, WSU Undergraduate Student 998. David Duarte, Undergraduate Biomedical Engineering, UCI 999. Yen Ly, Undergraduate Student (UCI) 1000. Rachel Montanye, Undergraduate, Political Science, UCI 1001. Alejandro Vicencio, UCI Undergraduate 1002. Esther Kim, UC Irvine Undergraduate 1003. Brittany Pham, Undergraduate Student, UCI 1004. Vanessa Rodriguez,Undergraduate Student,Social Work,Irvine Valley College 1005. Stu Stivers, PLNU Alum, Irvine Resident 1006. Agustín Ángel Flores, Undergraduate Student, Los Angeles Valley College 1007. Tina Lin, UCI Alumni 1008. Kathy Nguyen, UC Santa Barbara Undergraduate 1009. Alexander Jabbari, UCI Graduate Student, Comparative Literature 1010. Anne Marie Soleta, CSU East Bay Undergraduate 1011. Yadira Sesmas, Sociology Undergraduate Student, UCLA 1012. William Chiang, UCI Undergrad 1013. Blanca Varela 1014. Emanuel Suarez Jimenez UCSB undergrad 1015. Steven Huynh, UCI Undergrad 1016. Daisy Jaimes, UCI undergraduate student 1017. Blanca Varela, Undergraduate, UCI 1018. Kevin Wang, ASUCI Presidential Candidate 1019. Tiffany Duong, Undergraduate Student, UCI 1020. Toshi X. Tomori, UCI Alumnus; Grad Student, Comparative Literature, U of Toronto 1021. Frank Heyward, Undergraduate Student at UC Irvine 1022. Brandon Cheng, Undergraduate Student, Computer Science (UCI) 1023. Donald Donaire, Undergraduate, Ethnic Studies, UCSD 1024. Andre Capulong, UCI Undergraduate Student 1025. Erin Hermano, UCI 1026. Dmitri Kyle Villanueva, Undergraduate Student, Civil Engineering, HSSOE UCI 1027. Trung Vo, Health Science: Community Health Education (CSULB) 1028. Michael Phan, UC Irvine Undergraduate 1029. Cindy Nguyen, Undergraduate student, UCI 1030. Mike Shutt UCSC Alum 1031. Stephanie Ortiz , Worker Student Alliance at UCI 1032. Antonette Sadile, UCLA Undergraduate 1033. Alvin Liang, Undergraduate Student, Computer Science, UCI 1034. Jackie Nguyen, UCI Alumnus 1035. Jason Willwerscheid, Researcher, Comparative Literature, UCI 1036. Daniel Estrada, UCR Alumnus 1037. Michelle Feda, student at HWS 1038. Fabiola Meza, Undergraduate Student, UCIRVINE 1039. David Roh, Old Dominion University 1040. Saba Shevidi, Brown University 1041. Suzie Chhouk, International Christian University 1042. Van Truong, UCI 1043. Arturo Escobar, Prof. of Anthropology, UNC Chapel Hill 1044. Kenneth Shima, UCLA PhD student 1045. M J Metzger Professor of English WWU 1046. Matt Munn LMU grad student, education 1047. Erin Kenneally, CSUN 1048. Priya J. Shah, UCI Alum 1049. Clarence, CSULA 1050. Sabreen Shalabi, UC Irvine Alumnus 1051. Eszter Zimanyi, Graduate Student in Critical Studies (USC) 1052. Bonnie Bertano, Parent of UCI Student 1053. Leona Rajaee, Cal Poly Undergrad 1054. Willie Chase, Graduate Student, UC Irvine 1055. Marwa Aboubaker, Undergraduate, UCI 1056. Alyssa Lee, UCLA Alumnus, Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics 1057. Martino Comelli, PhD Student, Sciences Po Paris 1058. Jaymes Rombaoa, UCI Undergraduate 1059. Hayder Chaudhery UCI 1060. Ramdeepak Hari, UCI Undergraduate Student, Biomedical Engineering 1061. Mohsin Farooqui, UC Irvine Undergraduate 1062. Sandra Johnson, UC Irvine 1063. Chloe Van Stralendorff, Moore College Alumni, Curatorial Studies 1064. Randall Perez, PhD Student, UCI Sociology 1065. Olivia Hadfield, UCI alumnus 1066. Stacey Li, UC Irvine 1067. Caroline Lee, UCI Alumnus 1068. Anh Nguyen, Undergraduate 1069. Amy Lee, UCI 1070. Asim Shakour, UC Irvine Alumnus 1071. Scott Streitfeld, grad student, English, UCI 1072. Adrian I. P-Flores, University of Arizona 1073. Warda Alam, UC Irvine Alumni 1074. Robby Chakraborty, UCI Alumnus 1075. William Matchin, UCI Alumnus 1076. Enric Grustan, Graduate Student, UCI 1077. Arelí Ariana, UC Santa Barbara, Radio Xicana 1078. Ariana Rodriguez, UCSB undergraduate 1079. francis ramos, uc irvine alumna 1080. Huda Herwees, UCI Undergraduate 1081. Fred Youngblood Undergraduate, UCI 1082. Seth Haney (UCR) 1083. Laura Klein, Lecture French UCI 1084. Irvin Vargas, Undergraduate, Santa Ana College 1085. Erin Kiley, UCI Alumna 1086. Sarah Pranadjaja, University of St. Thomas Undergraduate Student 1087. Ali Zavar, UCI Alumnus 1088. Shabnam Sheikh, UC Irvine Alumnus 1089. Thomas Johnson, Graduate Student, English (UC Davis) 1090. Shirin Asgari, UCI student in Biological Sciences 1091. Michael Meranze (UCLA) 1092. Hassan Ahmad, Undergraduate Student, Electrical Engineering 1093. Faye Hayes, Under Grad, Political Science, UC Irvine 1094. Tianna Nand, PSB & Criminology (UCI) 1095. Arturo P.Garcia, National Coordinator, JFAV 1096. Al Garcia, FACLA 1097. Tessa Tsao, UCI, Undergrad, Biological Sciences 1098. Juliet Kunkel, UC Berkeley, Graduate Student 1099. Amit Baishya, Assistant Professor, University of Oklahoma 1100. Elizabeth Murtough, Undergraduate Student (Chapman University) 1101. Martin Jacinto, UCI, Graduate Student 1102. Nabeel Alam(UCI) 1103. Lauren Schaeffer, Graduate Student, UCLA 1104. Jessica Reyes, UC Berkeley Ungergrad 1105. Teresa Campa, UC Santa Barbara, Undergraduate 1106. Janna Soliman, Undergraduate Student, UCI 1107. Jessica Ortega, DREAMs at UCI 1108. Robert Cavooris, PhD Student, UC Santa Cruz 1109. Kim McGill, Youth Justice Coalition 1110. Ben Garceau, Graduate Student, Indiana University 1111. Guadalupe Bobadilla, UCI Undergrad 1112. Karina Camacho, Undergradute Student, UCI 1113. Allan Do, Undergraduate BIM, UCI 1114. Edoh Amiran, Assoc. Prof. Mathematics, Western Washington University 1115. Cheyda Arhamsadr, UCI Undergraduate, Public Health Policy 1116. Daniel Atlai Coronado, UC Irvine Undergraduate 1117. Arvind Bhattacharya, UCI Undergraduate, Chemistry 1118. Mia Ogundipe-Tillman, Co-Chair of BSU and UCI Undergraduate 1119. Yogita Goyal, Associate Professor, English UCLA 1120. Miroslava guzman 1121. Ellie Harmon, UCI Informatics 1122. Sonja Lind, UCI Alumn 1123. Magdaleno Rosales 1124. Natasha Khokhar, UCI Undergraduate, Public Health Sciences 1125. Leah Hardenbrook, UCSB, Undergraduate 1126. Peter Schweigert, Graduate Student, Visual Studies, UCI 1127. Elizabeth Lara, UC Davis alumna 1128. Arthur Valadares, UC Irvine Graduate Student 1129. Bryant De La Cruz, Business Administration, UCI Undergraduate 1130. Ana R. Mendoza, UCI Undergraduate 1131. Joseph King, graduate student UCI, sociology 1132. Melanie Velasquez, UCI Undergraduate 1133. Jay Stemmle, staff, UCSB 1134. Tim Watson, Writing Specialist, UCR 1135. Anakbayan Inland Empire 1136. Jeremy De Nieva, UCB & Columbia University Alum 1137. Lucy Phan, UCI Undergraduate 1138. Vileana de la Rosa, Humanities Representative, Legislative Council 2011 1139. Ro Truong, Graduate Student, Public Health (Berkeley) 1140. Margaux Cowden, Visiting Assistant Professor of Women's, Gender, & Sexuality Studies (Williams College), & UCI Alum 1141. Vito Perez, UCI undergraduate, Sociology 1142. Lean Deleon, 2009-2010 ASUC (Berkeley) Senator 1143. Arianna Angel, Undergraduate Student, Political Science (UCB) 1144. Crystal Kha, UCI alumni 1145. Rebecca Frechette, UCI 1146. AF3IRM 1147. Dustin Ngo (UCI Undergrad) 1148. Alyssa Tanorie 1149. Claudio Soria, Graduate student, (UCR) 1150. Ahmed Zobi 1151. Savannah Kilner, Graduate Student, UCLA 1152. Angel Mira, Political Science, Duke 1153. Hai Lam, Undergraduate Student, The Henry Samueli School of Engineering (UCI) 1154. Colleen Fulp, University of Washington Aluma 1155. Daniel Nguyen, Staff, UCI 1156. Ginelle Guckenburg, Undergrad, UCI 1157. Lisa Rofel, Professor, University of California, Santa Cruz 1158. Candice Perez-Foust, Alumnus (UCI) 1159. Xinruo Li, Undergraduate Student, UCI 1160. Michael Berlin, Graduate Student, Comparative Literature 1161. Snigdha Kamarsu, Undergraduate Student, Cognitive Science (UCI) 1162. Ryan Toves, Undergraduate Student (UC Irvine) 1163. Freddy Vega (UCI) 1164. Meg Unden, grad student, UCSB- Sociology 1165. Francis Lee, Graduate Student, UCI 1166. Stephanie Pulles, Doctoral Student, UCI Sociology 1167. Sasha Sabherwal, Administrator, Social Sciences Academic Resource Center, UCI 1168. Danny Khuu, UC Santa Barbara Alumnus 1169. Michael Tran UCI 1170. Kim Nguyen, Political Science, (UCI) 1171. Aniqa Azad, undergraduate student, UCI 1172. Selamawit Terrefe, Graduate Student, English (UCI) 1173. Anthony Pham, Undergraduate student, UCI 1174. Daniel Tiffany, Professor of English and Comparative Literature, University of Southern California 1175. Luis Soriano, University of California Berkeley Undergraduate 1176. Kris Peterson, B.A. International Relations, CSU Chico 1177. jannet sanchez, AF3IRM 1178. Annette Lee, UCI 1179. Austin Chen, Undregraduate student, Film and Media Studies, African American Studies 1180. Kit Myers, Postdoc, UC Merced 1181. Jennifer Anaya (UCI) 1182. Shoshanna Lande, Graduate Student, History (UCI) 1183. Nohemi Ayala, Paul Merage School of Business (UCI) 1184. Nayeli Correa, Biology (UCI) 1185. Nathaniel Murphy, Graduate Student, Comparative Literature 1186. Olivia Humphrey, Graduate Student, History (UCI) 1187. Emilie Chen 1188. Esther Choi, Grad Student UCSD 1189. Wendy Guzman-Rangel, UCI Alumni 1190. Melissa Gambe, alumni 1191. Irene Arellano, Undergraduate Student of Political Science, (CSUF) 1192. Alex Kanegawa, President of the Student Coalition for Asian Pacific Empowerment (SCAPE) at USC 1193. Meghan Chandler, Graduate Student, Visual Studies 1194. Elizabeth Wyatt, PhD candidate, UC Irvine 1195. Xavier A. Oliver, Undergraduate Student, UC Irvine 1196. Nour Katabi, UCI Undergraduate 1197. Hei Lam Chio, Undergraduate Student, School of Social Ecology (UC Irvine) 1198. Diana Anselmo, UCI alumna 1199. Theodore Lee, Political Science (USC) 1200. Mariam Iskajyan, Undergraduate, UC Irvine 1201. Catherine Hua, Undergraduate Student (UC Irvine) 1202. Anh Cao USC 1203. Richard Grijalva, Graduate Student Instructor, Rhetoric (UCB) 1204. A-A-Ron Park 1205. Andrew A Duncan, Graduate Student, Sociology (UCI) 1206. Mark Bloxsom, Graduate Student, Economics (UCI) 1207. Reza Zomorrodian, UCI Under Grad 1208. Primrose Villena, AF3IRM South Bay Chapter Coordinator, graduate CSULB 1209. Malak Kudaimi, Undergraduate Student, International Studies (UCI) 1210. David Lemus, bridges Multicultural Center at UC Berkeley 1211. Farhad Ghamsari, BS Neuroscience, Alumnus UCR 1212. Emily Gifford, Undergraduate Student, Social Ecology (UCI) 1213. Maribel Morales, Undergraduate Student, Hampshrie College 1214. Tony Tran, Undergraduate, Neuroscience (Brandeis University) 1215. Edwin Everhart, Graduate Student, Anthropology (UCLA) 1216. Brett Scheckla, UCI undergrad 1217. Eddie Suparman 1218. Erik Green, Graduate Student (UCSC), Financial Secretary (UAW 2865) 1219. Vuslat Demirkoparan, alumnus, Comparative Literature (UCI) 1220. Andrea Ortiz(Humboldt State University) 1221. Tara Atrian, UCSB undergraduate 1222. Ludin Jimenez, UCI Alumnus 1223. Brendan Yu, Undergraduate, Literary Journalism (UCI) 1224. Gabriela Lopez, Undergraduate Student, UCI 1225. Marilou Razo UCSB undergrad 1226. Sarah Acosta, Undergraduate student, Psychology, UC Berkeley 1227. Jessica Greenwood (UCI, Undergraduate, Genetics) 1228. Kimberly Van, Undergraduate Student, UCI 1229. Wael Nimat- UCI 1230. Sam Bonelli (UC Berkeley) 1231. Mikael Sanchez, Undergraduate Student, UCLA 1232. Angel Ravelo, undergraduate, Chemical Engineering (UCI) 1233. Libby Catchings, member UAW 2865, PhD student in English 1234. Mark Ocegueda, Graduate Student, Department of History (UCI) 1235. Ditty Parampathu, UCI Alumna 1236. Gabriel Ceballos, Undergraduate, Riverside College 1237. Djenilin Mallari, UC Berkeley Alumna 1238. Dania Kilayko, Charles Drew University 1239. Julian Bugarin, Undergraduate UCI 1240. Alan Lai (UCI) 1241. Hannah Nguyen, Undergraduate Student, Sociology (USC) 1242. Naaila Mohammed, Undergraduate, UC Irvine 1243. Maryam Farooqui, Undergraduate, UC Irvine 1244. Kyung Hyun Kim, Professor of East Asian Lang. & Lit, UCI 1245. Ashlee Walker, Undergrad Student, UCI 1246. Rachel Pennington, Undergraduate Student, UCI 1247. Yazen Nasr, UCI Undergrad 1248. Gabriek Brenner, Art Undergrad (UCLA) 1249. Lauren Hofschneider, Undergraduate Student, UCI 1250. Jose Lara, Vice President, El Rancho Unified School District 1251. Dylan Quitiquit Hoffman, Porter College SUA Representative at UCSC 1252. Thao Ho, undergrad of UCI 1253. Claire Freeman, Undergraduate Student, Biological Sciences (UCI) 1254. Caitlin Tieu, Undergraduate (UCI) 1255. Joyce Lui, Undergraduate Student, UCI 1256. Tracey Onyenacho, Undergraduate Student, UCI 1257. Gloria Kim, Undergraduate Student, USC 1258. Pedro Acuña, Graduate Student, History (UCI) 1259. Alexis Penaloza, UCR Alumnus 1260. Santiago Guisasola (UCI graduate student, IMBS) 1261. Michael Chavez, Assistant Professor of Sociology (CSULB) 1262. Sheilouise Sarain, School of BioSci (UCI) 1263. Adrian Jönsson, Undergraduate Student, Film and Media Studies 1264. Brady Forrest, UC Santa Barbara Alumnus 1265. Ewan Branda, Associate Professor, Woodbury University + UCLA Alum 1266. Elly Oltersdorf, Undergraduate Student, History (UCD) 1267. Joshua Daniel, Undergraduate Biological Sciences (UCI) 1268. Nhada Ahmed, SCU 1269. Sarah Newell, Undergraduate Student, USC 1270. Dylan Lee, Assistant Director of the Queer and Ally Student Assembly at the University of Southern California 1271. Jabari McDonald, UCI alumnus 1272. Ryan Diep, UCI Alumus 1273. Noor Molvi, UCI Alumnus 1274. Zachary Ferguson, Undergraduate Student, UCI 1275. Brian Garcia, Graduate Student, English (UCI) 1276. Shadi Houshangi, UCI student 1277. Joey Wu, undergraduate student, UCI 1278. Vinson Gotingco, UCI Undergraduate 1279. Julienne Mackey 1280. Yutian Fu Undergraduate Enviromental Science UCI yutianf@uci.edu 1281. Raphael Natividad, Undergraduate 1282. Danny Kang 1283. Yadira Galvan, UCI Undergraduate Student 1284. Christina Truong, Undergraduate Student, Business (CSUCI) 1285. Cynthia Le, UCI Alum 1286. Jenny Tang, Undergraduate Student, UCI 1287. Alexandria Morales, Philosophy Undergraduate Student, (University of Southern California) 1288. Yousef Baker, Assistant Professor (CSULB) 1289. Jasmine Ma, Undergraduate student, Psychology, Temple University 1290. Kathryn Schubert, Undergraduate Student, University of Oregon 1291. Mark Schneider, Farmer/Organizer 1292. Justin Huynh, undergraduate (UC Irvine) 1293. Yusra Khafagi, SJP at UCI 1294. Alyssa Coffey, Director of the Queer and Ally Student Assembly @ USC 1295. Kevin Tsukii, Assistant Director, USC Political Student Assembly 1296. Eric Acedo, San José State University (Alumnus) 1297. Saloni Shah, UCI alumni 1298. Jennifer Rojas, UC San Diego Alumni 1299. Gurleen Chadha, Undergraduate Student, USC 1300. Erika Rodriguez, Undergrad , UCI, DECENT HUMAN BEING 1301. Reyna Duran, UCSB Alumna 1302. Addison Rose Vincent, Undergraduate Student, Chapman University 1303. Mindy Velasco, UCLA Alumnus 1304. Luis A. Vega 1305. Alemar Brito. MEChA de Stanford University 1306. Samuel Morales, Undergraduate Student, Engineering (UCI) 1307. Thomas McEnroe V, UCI alumnus 1308. Byron Barahona, Undergrad, Sociology (UC Irvine) 1309. Cynthia Le, UCI Alum 1310. David De La Torre, UCLA alumnus 1311. Nabila Mohammed 1312. Danna Elneil, UC Davis Alumna 1313. Anstiss Eaton, undergraduate, Sacramento State University 1314. Undariya Boldbaatar, UCI undergraduate student 1315. Juan Pintor 1316. Celeste McAlpin-Levitt, Undergraduate Student, Comparative Literature and Political Science 1317. Tessa Pew 1318. Marilynn Montano, Santa Ana Community Member 1319. Molly Desjardins, UCI Alum 1320. Steven Wong, UCLA alumnus 1321. Sarah Orsak, undergraduate student at Smith College 1322. Natalia Toscano, Undergraduate of Chicana/o Studies (UCLA) 1323. Kayla Crow, Writer - Anakbayan Long Beach 1324. Eve Martinez, Undergraduate Student, Knox College 1325. Kyle Benson, PhD Candidate, Computer Science 1326. Rosario Diaz, UC Irvine alumnus 1327. Dylan Lee, Assistant Director of Queer and Ally Student Assembly (USC) 1328. Danielle Hernandez (UCI Student) 1329. Christopher Chen, Undergraduate Student, History (UCI) 1330. Anne Phan, UCI Undergraduate 1331. Lee Ann Long, UCI undergraduate student 1332. D.R.E.A.M.S. at UCI 1333. Caine Jordan, Undergraduate Student, General Biology and History, (UCSD) 1334. Carissa Tang, Undergraduate Student (CPP) 1335. Brittany Quy, UCI Undergraduate 1336. Anna Chung, psychology undergraduate 1337. Jessica Spinney, Undergraduate Student WSU-V 1338. Chris Mitsch, Graduate Student, LPS (UCI) 1339. Paula Abad, Anakbayan Long Beach 1340. Sara Mohamed, UCI Alumna 1341. Sarah Menendez, New University 1342. Alan Nguyen, Ph.D. student in Immunology, UC 1343. Devin McCutchen, Graduate Student, History (UCLA) 1344. Richard Sajor, Alumnus, Stanford University 1345. Alan Nguyen, Ph.D. student in Immunology, UC Davis, UC Irvine alum 1346. Julia White, Student at Chapman University 1347. Alyssa T Wolk-Undergraduate- Anthropology and Earth System Science-UCI 1348. Cole Gillette, Saddleback College alumnus 1349. Karen Booth, Associate Professor, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 1350. Amber Deslauriers, Graduate Student, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology 1351. Sam Allen, Graduate Student, Master's of Public Administration (CSU Stanislaus) 1352. Melissa Murguia, International Studies 1353. Lynda Haas, UCI Dept of English 1354. Melody Fadaee, Undergrad, Chapman University 1355. Joseph Gallardo, Undergraduate Student, Political Science (UCR) 1356. Justin Huft, UCI alumnus 1357. Arturo Gutierrez, Liberal Studies Undergraduate at CPP 1358. Pablo Gomez, Undergraduate Student, Pure Mathematics (Humboldt State University) 1359. Bhawana Kumari, Undergraduate Student, School of Social Sciences (UCI) 1360. Andrew Chittaphong, Undergrad, Social Science (UCI) 1361. Tiffany C Keo, Undergraduate Student, Political Science, UC Irvine 1362. Yareli Castro, Undergraduate, Political Science (UCI) 1363. Hector Sanchez Castaneda, Undergraduate Student (UCSB) 1364. Christy Nguyen, Undergraduate Student, Biological Sciences (UCI) 1365. Kelvin Lee, UCI Alumnus 1366. Dan Thompson, (Johns Hopkins University) 1367. Elizabeth Guerrero, Undergraduate, UCI 1368. Rante Cimafranca, UCI Alumnus 1369. Justin Pauge, Undergraduate Student, UCI 1370. Patricia Cruz, UCI Alumni 1371. Gladys Morales, Undergraduate Student @ CSULB 1372. Shea Garrison-Kimmel, UCI Astronomy Graduate Student, Chancellor's Fellow 1373. Nalya Rodriguez, undergraduate student, Sociology and Ethnic Studies, UC Berkeley 1374. Mabel Kyinn, Undergraduate Student, Scripps College 1375. Brianda Felix, UCLA Undergrad 1376. Erin Riegelsberger, Undergraduate, Psych , UCI 1377. Erik Henriquez, UC Irvine Undergraduate 1378. Jennifer Reed, PhD 1379. Celine Qussiny, Co-Chair of Students for Justice in Palestine (UCI) 1380. Katya Tungusova, Asian Languages & Cultures (UCLA) 1381. Namek Nguyen, UC Irvine 1382. Alondra Meza 1383. Sundara Bhandaram, Undergraduate Student, Earth System Science (UCI) 1384. Elliott Lapinel, UCLA alumnus 1385. Mario Camacho, UCI Civil Engineering Alumni 1386. Daniel Howard, Graduate Student (UCI) 1387. Vanessa Gamboa, Undergraduate Student, (CSULB) 1388. Soon W Hong, UCI alumnus 1389. Tony Quan, Undergraduate Student, Education Science, UCI 1390. Carmen Jovel, Undergraduate Student, Society and Environment (UC Berkeley) 1391. Michel Chu, Graduate Student, University of Oxford 1392. Adam Milbes (UCI MSU) 1393. Rosa Cruz, Undergraduate Student, Comparative Literature, Long Beach Community Member 1394. Kristy Ujiiye, UCI Undergraduate Student 1395. Jonathan Solorzano, Undergraduate Student, Sociology (CSULA) 1396. myron lozano, undergraduate at UCI 1397. Aaron Guerrero, Graduate Student, Art (UCI) 1398. Andrew Figueroa, Irvine Resident/Hampshire College student 1399. Asma Abbas, Associate Professor of Politics and Philosophy, Bard College at Simon's Rock 1400. Matthew Marquez, UCLA Alum 1401. Rocio Castro, Undergraduate Student (UCSB) 1402. Lauren Villegas, Undergraduate Student, UCI 1403. Oscar chan, undergraduate student, UCI 1404. Sean Garcia-Leys, Law Student (UCI) 1405. Lindsey Paulson, student, Saddleback College 1406. Luis S. Garcia, Graduate Student Loyola Marymount University 1407. Jeffrey Ramberg (UCI alum) 1408. Monica Nguyen, External Vice President of the Student Coalition for Asian Pacific Empowerment (USC) 1409. Lorrain Ko UCI Undergraduate 1410. Paola Martinez, undergraduate student UCI spanish and education 1411. Kimberly Arizabal,UCI Alumni 1412. Leo Parascondola, William Paterson University 1413. Danielle Vesia, UCI Sociology 1414. Elyse Adea, UCI Alum 1415. Sarah Rahimi, Undergraduate Student, UCLA 1416. Monica Morales, CSULB Alumna 1417. Luis Chacon, Professor of Ethnic Studies 1418. Marcel Flores, UCI Alumnus (Public Health Policy & Anthropology) 1419. Apeksha Shah, Undergraduate Student, Biological Sciences (UCI) 1420. Soleil David, Alumna, English (UC Berkeley) 1421. Rocio Lopez Plascencia UCSD Alumni 1422. Jessica German, Undergraduate Student, UCI 1423. Leslie Zhang, undergrad, UCSB 1424. Ronald Mendoza-de Jesús, Ford Foundation Fellow, Emory University 1425. Zulema Rodriguez, UCI Undergrad 1426. Stephanie Verganza (UCI) 1427. Stephanie De Vera, Undergraduate Student, UCI 1428. Leonard Kee, Undergrad, UCi 1429. Megan Girczyc, Undergraduate Student, Biomedical Engineering 1430. Zury Cendejas, Undergraduate (UC Berkeley) 1431. Cristina Watson, UCI Alumnus 1432. Ian Jensen - English Dept., UCI 1433. Cameron Joe UCI 2012 Alum 1434. Jonathan Lee, UCI alumnus 1435. Maria Khan (UCI Undergrad) 1436. Paola Villegas, UCSB Undergraduate Student 1437. Dana M Sparrow, BEd (Hons) UWE Bristol England 1438. Janette Luevanos, UC Irvine Alum 1439. Alison Okuda, UCI alumnus 1440. Nicholas Reiner, Graduate Student, UCI MFA Programs in Writing 1441. Luis Arroyo Undergraduate Student (UCSC) 1442. Bryanna Glover Orange Coast College 1443. Matt Ober, Undergraduate Student, U of O 1444. Syed Zeeshan Khader, Graduate Student, Dept of Mech. Engg, CSUF 1445. Elizabeth Tissot, UCI Law Student 1446. Shaun Steinberg (csulb) 1447. Courtney Mae Fuller, Undergraduate, Hampshire College 1448. Dante Popple, Alumni, Simon's Rock 1449. Willis Chen, History, Political Science, and Economics, UMass Amherst 1450. Sarah Kessler, Ph.D. candidate, Comparative Literature (UCI) 1451. Pauline Ho, Undergraduate (UCI) 1452. Magaly Mendez, Undergraduate Student, Sociology (UC Irvine) 1453. Carina Naghib, UCI alumnus 1454. Michelle Vu, Undergraduate Biology Student (UCI) 1455. Victoria Edgar, Undergraduate student (Chapman University) 1456. Kim Vo, Undergraduate Student, Biochemistry (UC Davis) 1457. Jennifer Sebastian, Undergraduate Student (UCI) 1458. Nora Finch, Social Ecology Undergraduate (UCI) 1459. Amber Melvin, CSULB alum 1460. Ethan Nguyen, UC system alumnus 1461. Alberto Landaveri, Graduate Student, Spanish and Portuguese (UCI) 1462. Emily Do UCI undergraduate 1463. Michael Gamboa, undergraduate student, Psychology, Spanish, and Ethnic Studies (UCR) 1464. Julius Edson, Graduate Student, Chemical Engineering (UCI) 1465. Miranda Helus, UCI Undergraduate, Pharmaceutical Sciences Department 1466. Julius Edson, Graduate Student, Chemical Engineering (UCI) 1467. Belen Engeda, AFAM (UCIrvine) 1468. Melinda Nguyen, Undergraduate Student, Global Studies, UCSB 1469. Arturo Gomez, Undergraduate Student, UC Riverside 1470. Eric Tandoc, Secretary General, Anakbayan-USA 1471. Claire Doran, UC Berkeley Alumna 1472. David Ruby, Undergraduate Student (Chapman University) 1473. Viviana Romero, UCSB Undergrad 1474. Anthony Ng, UCI alumnus 1475. Bern Samko, PhD Candidate, Linguistics (UCSC) 1476. Khushali Patel, Undergraduate Student (UCI) 1477. Angela Perry, UCI School of Law 1478. Sean Swift, Graduate Student (CSUEB) 1479. Ayan Jama, UCI undergraduate student, Sociology 1480. Gabrielle Van Amburg, Director of UCSC Vagina Monologues, 1481. cristina hernandez, undergraduate sociology (UCI) 1482. Candace Hansen UCLA 1483. Deena Naime, Undergraduate Student, Women's Gender & Sexuality Studies (CSULB) 1484. Joses Magno (soc major CSULB) 1485. Allison T, Undergraduate Student (UCI) 1486. Ann M. Kakaliouras, Associate Professor of Anthropology, Whittier College 1487. Emily Smith, Graduate Student, Sociology, UCI 1488. Karan Kanwar, Undergraduate Student, UCI 1489. Robert Buechler, Golden West College School of Nursing 1490. David Mendoza, Undergraduate Student, Informatics, (UCI) 1491. Leslie Grace Sulite, UCI 1492. June Yuen Ting, Graduate Student, Literature (UCSD) 1493. Ling Hu,Undergraduate Student, Comparative Literature/UCI 1494. Erica Aguilar (UCI) 1495. Ashley Battle UCI Alumni 1496. Angela Nguyen, UCI Undergraduate Student 1497. Catherine Touchstone (Undergraduate student, Psychology, Saddleback College) 1498. Fernando Espiritu, Social Worker / Activist (CSULA-Alumni) 1499. Sheila Majumdar, Graduate Student (Indiana University) 1500. Cynthia Liu, UC Irvine Alum 1501. Chris Halsch, Undergraduate Student, UCI 1502. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, Islamic State of Iraq and ash-Sham 1503. Haruna Asakawa, UCI alumnus 1504. Rowan van Wersch, Undergraduate Student, Biology (University of British Columbia) 1505. Christine Truong, Undergraduate Student, Animal Science, UC Davis 1506. Francesca Rebosura, Undergraduate, UCLA 1507. Andrew Bonica, Student, ECE Major, National University & Marine Corps Combat Veteran 1508. Sergio Carranza, Riverside City College 1509. Beck Wehrke, Ph.d. student, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (UCI) 1510. Caitlin Lim, UCI Alumnus 1511. Cynthia Liu, UC Irvine Alum 1512. Mark Ramos, KmB 1513. Lauren Quijano, Alumni Class of 2014 1514. Niraly Patel, Undergraduate Student, UCI 1515. Karey Santos, Student, CSUN 1516. Katherynn Deleon ( undergrad UCI) 1517. Cheyenne Reynoso, UCI Alumni 1518. Martin Granados UCI 1519. Gerardo Lopez, Undergraduate Student, Mechanical Engineer (UCI) 1520. Lourdes Galindo, undergraduate student 1521. Elizabeth Tissot, UCI Law Student 1522. Brian Ning, UCD 1523. Katherine Zoque, Undergraduate (UCR) 1524. Crystal Tse, UCI Undergraduate 1525. Bernard Richter, Associate Faculty of English - Butte College 1526. Viridiana Chow He, Undergraduate Student (UCI) 1527. Suhana Sammi, undergrad (UCLA) 1528. Shona Blumeneau, Undergraduate Student, Education Science, UCI 1529. Brandon Gernux,Undergraduate Student Consumer Affairs (CSULB) 1530. Marelin Acicon, Alumni, UCI 1531. Magaly Mendez, Undergraduate Student, Sociology (UC Irvine) 1532. Justin Ma, Undergraduate Student, ASUCI Student Services 1533. Carolina Guardado, UCSC Alumnus, SFSU Grad Student 1534. Phillip Khim, UCI Undergraduate 1535. Jack Stephens, Shop Steward, Teamsters Local 2785 1536. Lucy Corbin, Student, Mathematics and Philosophy, DePaul University 1537. Adriana Naranjo, UCI Alumni 1538. Tyler McNally, Undergraduate Student, UCI 1539. Taylor Kang, Simon's Rock Alumni 1540. Nicole Dumaguindin, BS Neuroscience, UCR Alumnus 1541. Heather Dick, Undergraduate Student, Biology (UC Irvine) 1542. Leticia Mendoza, Undergraduate Student, Drama (UCI) 1543. Chucha Marquez, UC Davis Alumnus 1544. Eric Luc, Undergraduate Student, UC Irvine 1545. Alejandra Gutierrez, UC Irvine alumnus 1546. Caitie Lustig, Graduate Student, UCI 1547. Emily Dmytryk, Undergraduate Student, Educational Sciences (UCI) 1548. Guillermo Davila, Undergraduate at Cal Poly SLO 1549. Barbara Mawhorter, Undergraduate Student (UCI) 1550. K. Wayne Yang, Associate Professor (UCSD) 1551. Chay Tadeo, Undergraduate Student (UCR) 1552. Isaac J. Andrade, Undergraduate Student, UCI 1553. Breana Panaguiton, UCI Alumna 1554. Alexandra Jimenez, Culinary Arts (Cal Poly) 1555. Christy Yin, UCI alumnus 1556. Oscar chan, undergraduate studen, UCI 1557. Annette Garcia, Undergraduate Student, CSUF 1558. Cindy Quant, Undergraduate Student, Biological Sciences (UCI) 1559. Socorro Torres, Undergraduate Student, Child Health and Adolescent Development (CSUF) 1560. Andrea Martinez, IDS undergraduate,UCLA 1561. Brooke Homan, Undergraduate Student, Nursing Science (UC Irvine) 1562. Ben Little, Undergraduate UCI 1563. Valentina Ricci, Graduate Student, Philosophy (UCI) 1564. Toyen Le, UCI Undergraduate Student, Biological Sciences 1565. Karisha Lucero, UCI Alum 1566. Nicholas Lopez, UCI Alumni 1567. Bradley Cardozo, Graduate Student, UCLA 1568. Erik Chang, Undergraduate Student (UC Los Angeles) 1569. Sarah Demarest, Undergrad Student of Women/Gender Studies (Hampshire College) 1570. Arlene Alcaraz (CSULB) 1571. Able Zhang, Undergraduate Student, Claire Trevor School of the Arts, UC Irvine 1572. Andy Nguyen, UCI alumnus 1573. Able Zhang, Undergraduate Student, Claire Trevor School of the Arts, UC Irvine 1574. Aimee Fountain, Graduate Student, English (UCD) 1575. Christopher Simpson, Reed College alumnus 1576. Emily Smith, Graduate Student, Sociology, UCI 1577. Angeles Chamu, undergraduate student (UCI) 1578. Jermaine Zhang, undergraduate student (UCI) 1579. Rishi Saraswat, Undergrad Poli Sci (UCI) 1580. Luis Torres, UCI School of Social Ecology, Undergraduate 1581. Araceli Meza, Undergraduate Student, Sociology, UCI 1582. Alyssa Wu, Undergraduate, Economics & Earth System Science (UCI) 1583. Jenan Husain, Undergrad at UC Irvine 1584. Brian Chen, UCI Student 1585. Victoria Ngo, MS, Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology (UCI), BS Biological Sciences (UCI) 1586. Molly Neher, Undergraduate student, University of Oregon 1587. Laura Jimenez, Undergraduate Student, Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies (CSULB) 1588. Anissa Tran, Undergraduate Student, Computer Engineering (UC Irvine) 1589. Megan R. Dominguez, MSOT Student, CSUDH 1590. Michael Oshiro, Doctoral Student UCLA 1591. Esther Kim, Undergraduate Student, Biola University 1592. Irene Velarde, Undergraduate UCI 1593. John Higgins, Undergraduate, UC Irvine 1594. Zoe Chao, UC Irvine 1595. Linda Banh, Undergraduate Student, Electrical Engineering (UCI) 1596. Jennifer Wu, Undergraduate English and Chinese double major 1597. Dennis Uyat, Undergraduate Student, Geography (UCB) 1598. Daniel Silberman, Undergraduate Student, Sociology, UCLA 1599. Kim Jong-Un, Pyongyang University of Science and Technology 1600. Alyssa Alfonso, UCI alumna 1601. Kai Apua'kalani, Pre-Med, (UCSD) 1602. Emily James, undergraduate, Cabrillo College 1603. Larisa Castillo, Humanities Core (UCI) 1604. Jared Wilson, Undergraduate Student, Research Assistant of Geology (Cal Poly SLO) 1605. Leo Baluk, UCI Alum 1606. Betzy Portillo, Undergraduate, Criminology & Political Science (UCI) 1607. Sami Abdelghani, Undergraduate Student, Computer Science and Engineering(CSE) 1608. Elizabeth Earley, UCLA graduate 1609. Anthony Joco, Undergraduate Student, Political Science (CSUF) 1610. Mindy Tauberg, Graduate Student, Anthropology (UCI) 1611. Valentina Ricci, Graduate Student, Philosophy (UCI) 1612. Jasmine Romero, Undergraduate Student, Social Ecology (UCI) 1613. Stephanie Mondragon, Undergraduate Student, Computer Science (UCI) 1614. Sarah Dahnke UCLA SCALE 1615. kasea herrera, UCI Computer Science and friend 1616. Angeleah Carolino, Undergraduate Student of Art and Art History, UCI 1617. Enrique Cornejo, Undergraduate Student, Political Science (UC Irvine) 1618. Julie Khov, Undergraduate Student, History (UCR) 1619. Courtney Simpson, Undergraduate Student, Psychology (UCSB) 1620. Rebecca Amavizca, Undergraduate student, UC Irvine 1621. Traci Bass, CA resident, U.S. citizen, supporter of free speech and non-violence 1622. Jenny Torres (UCI) 1623. Annette Schlichter, Associate Professor of Comparative Literature (UCI) 1624. Ryan Bajlo, UCSB Alumnus 1625. Margaret D. Andrews, UCI Alumnus 1626. Jeff Sizemore, alumnus, English (UCI) 1627. Kelvin Co, Undergraduate Student (UCI) 1628. Manal Rasheed, UCI undergraduate 1629. Louna Nguyen, Undergraduate Student, Public Health Sciences, Psychology and Social Behavior (UCI) 1630. Nezar Eltal, Undergraduate Student, UCI 1631. Maeraj Sheikh, Graduate Student, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (UCI) 1632. Maya Arcilla, Anakbayan NY 1633. Vicente Balmoja, Undergraduate Biology (CSUCI) 1634. Tandena Nelson, Undergraduate Student, Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology (Colorado State University) 1635. Altha Cravey, Geography, UNC Chapel Hill 1636. Douglas Ishii, Asian American Studies (UMCP) 1637. Colin Mitchell, Graduate Student in Electrical Engineering, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo 1638. Jamila Benkato, Law Student, UC, Irvine School of Law 1639. Jennica Smith, UCI alumna 1640. Barbara Al-Bayati, retired, University of California 1641. Carolina Gomez, UCD Undergraduate 1642. Ian Jerome Conde, MA Labor Studies Certification Student CUNY School of Professional Studies 1643. Drew Nelson, Undergraduate Student, Chapman University 1644. Kristen Santora, UCI alumna 1645. Mick S. Santos, UCB Alumnus 1646. Kimberly Arizabal, UCI Alumni 1647. Casey M.V. Gin, Anakbayan New York 1648. Jenna Green, Undergraduate Student, Physical Sciences (UCI) 1649. Jill Richards, Assistant Professor (Yale) 1650. Alexandra Aviles, UCSB alumnus 1651. Ariel Jones, School of Humanities Student(UCI) 1652. Vivian Yu, Scripps College 1653. Peter Froehlich, Senior Lecturer, Computer Science, Johns Hopkins University 1654. Jerome Gonzales, UCI Alumni 1655. Jewelle Dela Cruz UCLA Alumnus 1656. Chetana Srinivas, Undergraduate Student, UCI 1657. Katie Chu, UCI Alumni 2011 1658. Emily Areta, Scripps College Alumna 1659. Zulema Guzman, Undergradute Student, UC Santa Barbara 1660. Jasmine Castellanos, Undergraduate, UCI 1661. Alejandro Lupercio, undergraduate, mechanical engineering (UCI) 1662. Rachael De La Cruz, Graduate Student, History (UCI) 1663. Justin O'Neill, UCI alumnus '07, UCI 1664. Hannah Chia, Undergraduate Student, Scripps College 1665. Allison Wallace, UCI Student 1666. Natsha Siri, UCLA Graduate Student 1667. Shannon Lewis, Undergraduate Student, UCI 1668. Kelsey Noelani Bradley, APU 1669. Tanner Smith, UCSD Alum '13 1670. Denise Leon UCI Alumni. University of Missouri Graduate Student 1671. Louise Sider, Graduate Student, Visual Studies 1672. So Jin Choi, Undergraduate Student, UCI 1673. Chris Kyle, CPO, USN (Ret), Undergraduate Student, International Relations 1674. Maggie Quan, Undergraduate Student, UC San Diego 1675. Dominique Cortez, Undergraduate Student, Molecular Biology, SJSU 1676. Morgan Slade, Graduate Student, Comparative Literature 1677. Stephanie Chamberlain, Undergraduate Student, Asian Studies (Berkeley) 1678. Jose Mendoza, Undergraduate Student, CSU Fullerton 1679. Yahya Hafez, Undergraduate Student, Ethnic Studies (UCSD) 1680. Ellen Chen, UCI Alumni '03 1681. Mary Bassey, Recent Graduate from Azusa Pacific University 1682. Vincent Fuentes, Undergraduate Student (UCR) 1683. Ashlee Richardson, UCI alumna 1684. Miguel Diaz, UC Irvine Alumnus 1685. Christian Haney, Undergraduate Student of Engineering (UCI) 1686. Philip Walsh, Lecturer UCI Humanities Core Course 1687. Alex Wolfson, graduate student, University of Chicago 1688. Maegan Miller, Graduate Student,UCLA Geography 1689. Sarita See, Associate Professor of Media & Cultural Studies (UCR) 1690. Beverly Luu, Undergraduate Student, Criminology, Law and Society and English, UCI 1691. Brittany Nguyen, Undergraduate Student, UCI 1692. Jennifer Le, UCI Undergrad 1693. Ali Khamenei, Iranian Leader 1694. Samantha Rasler, Undergraduate Student, English and Drama (UCI) 1695. Raymond Berry, City Colleges of Chicago 1696. Lucy Ngo, Undergraduate Student (CSULB) 1697. Abigail Caywood, Undergraduate Student, UCI 1698. Nora Finch, Social Ecology Undergraduate (UCI) 1699. Cheryl Lee, UCSB undergraduate 1700. Jose Aviles-Acosta de Palermo, Undergraduate student UIPRSG 1701. Nirvana Felix, Undergraduate Student (UC Berkeley) 1702. Aaron Dean, undergraduate, Comparative Literature, UC Berkeley 1703. Christian Bogeberg, BA, Political Science, (UCLA) 1704. Claire Urbanski, Graduate Student, Feminist Studies (UC Santa Cruz) 1705. Nancy Mejia, Undergraduate Student, Sociology (UCI) 1706. Lou Stuulz, Professor Emeritus, Geopolitical Affairs, Penn State 1707. Robert A. Booey, Alumnus UC Davis 1708. Keesha Peterson, UCI Alumni 1709. Catherine Wang, Graduate Student, Asian American Studies (UCLA) 1710. Angela Gutierrez, UCI Alumnus 1711. Chris Rusak (UCLA '15) 1712. Jennifer Ascencio, Undergraduate Student at Chapman University 1713. Javier Arbona, Chancellor's Postdoctoral Fellow, American Studies, UC Davis 1714. Jonathan Dresner, Assoc. Prof. of East Asian History, Pittsburg State University, Kansas 1715. Mary Madden, UCLA alumna 1716. Garrett Gilmore, UCI english Graduate Student 1717. Gabrielle Lee, UC Irvine Alumna 1718. Michael Cobb, Professor of English, University of Toronto 1719. Priscila Garcia, Pomona College 1720. Julie Carlson, Professor of English, UCSB 1721. Kelly Kimball, Undergraduate Student, UC Irvine 1722. Antonio Esparza, Undergraduate Student, Political Science and Psychology (UC Irvine) 1723. Cristina LoBue, UCI Alumni 1724. Janice Chiu, Undergraduate Student (UCI) 1725. A. Vucelic (UCLA Alum) 1726. Diana Marmolejo, Undergradute (COD) 1727. Priscilla Silva, Undergraduate Student, UCLA 1728. Perry Chavez, undergraduate UCI alumni 1729. Barbara Ko, Scripps College 1730. Brendan Weaver, Undergraduate Student, UCSB 1731. Elizabeth Freeman, Professor of English, UC Davis 1732. Michelle T. UCI Undergraduate Student 1733. Bob Hodges, PhD candidate, English, U Washington, UAW 4121 1734. Shannon Ludwig, Alumna, Business Economics (UCI) 1735. Justin Skoda, BArch Grad Cal Poly 1736. Reverend Arthur S. Lange, St Peter's Cathedral, NYC 1737. Christina Spiker, Graduate Student, Visual Studies (UCI) 1738. Jonathan T. Lee, Anonymous 1739. Yimy Villa, University of California, Irvine Alumnus 1740. Billy Batson, Mentor, USC 1741. Tron Carter, Undergraduate Business, UCSB 1742. Silky Johnston, Graduate Student, Creative Writing, UNLV 1743. Cara Watkins, Graduate Student (UCI) 1744. Chris Dearner, UCI English 1745. Scotty Carlisle, Global Secular Humanist 1746. Damian Cordero, UCI alumnus 1747. Jack Bauer, Information Technology, CTU 1748. Clay Bigsby, Author 1749. Ignacio Libre, Religious Studies ASU 1750. Andrew Farabee, Undergrad Student, Computer Science (UCI) 1751. Edlin Ortiz, Alumna, UCI 1752. Oba Malo-Vesme - Graduate student 1753. Sarahli Necoechea, Undergraduate Student, UCI 1754. Jared Sexton, Professor of African American Studies, UCI 1755. Anita Braine, UCI alumnus 1756. Ben Dover, UCI Staff 1757. M. Rico, High school senior, UCI applicant. 1758. Andrew Chan, undergrad UCI 1759. Steven Lord, Undergraduate Student, Environmental Engineering 1760. Brenda Yang, Undergraduate Student (UCLA) 1761. Eileen Chang, UCI alumna 1762. Mark Herrera, Undergraduate student, Biology (Cal Poly Pomona) 1763. Geo Hern, UC Honors Program 1764. Ethan Castro, Undergraduate Student (CSU Fresno), Producer/Composer (collaborated with UCI student-artists) 1765. Ashley Cuatepotzo, Undergraduate Student (UCI) 1766. Crystal Morris, Graduate Student, Counseling Psychology at Santa Clara University 1767. Zack Kloock, Undergraduate Student, Computer Science (UCI) 1768. Yerika Reyes, Pomona College 1769. Yesenia Martinez, UCI Undergraduate 1770. Jessica Pham, Information & Computer Sciences (UCI) 1771. Geoffrey Tucker, Undergraduate Student, Computer Science (UCI) 1772. Luis Enrique Ramirez Briceno, Undergraduate (UCI) 1773. Fan Zhang, Undergraduate Student, Biochemistry (UCLA) 1774. Calvin Lam, UCI undergraduate 1775. Leanne Lupone, Undergraduate Student (UCI) 1776. Raul Fernandez, Professor Emeritus, UCI 1777. Rachel Schaffer, UCI alumna 1778. Matt Mieskoski, graduate student UCI 1779. Alexander Juarez, undergraduate in English (UCI) 1780. Gilbert G. Gonzalez, Professor Emeritus, Chicano Latino Studies 1781. Joelle Eliza Lingat, CUNY Law 1782. Lidia Orozco, Undergraduate Student, Spanish Community and Culture (UCLA) 1783. Charles C. Johnson, GotNews.com 1784. Mark LeVine, History, UCI 1785. Rev. Clayton Bigsby, Antebellum Southern History Professor, Georgia State University 1786. Iris Mendoza (CSUN) 1787. Jaclyn Alcazar, UCI Undergraduate, Biological Sciences & Criminology 1788. Sharon Kunde, UCI, English Graduate Student 1789. Lee Keebum, University Of Arizona 1790. David Suchoff, Professor of English, Colby College 1791. Bob Ondiss, UC Davis 1792. Gustavus Stadler, Associate Professor and Chair of English, Haverford College 1793. Vivienne Muller, Undergraduate Student, Scripps College 1794. Isabella Seinfeld, UC Berkley 1795. Amanda Le, Chapman Undergraduate 1796. Woo Jin Kim, Electrical Engineering Undergraduate, UCI 1797. Justin Han-Nguyen, UCI Alumnus 1798. Julienne Palbusa, Graduate Student, Psychology (UCR) 1799. Jay Kratz, Burlington County College 1800. Noelle Sepina, UCI Alumna 1801. Andrew Windle, UCI Alumnus 1802. Emily Thai, UCI alumni 1803. Allison Carlisle, Graduate Student, Spanish & Portuguese (UCLA) 1804. Ivy Quicho, National Organizing Director of AF3IRM 1805. Ian Litwin, UCI English Graduate Student 1806. Meriwether Clarke, Graduate Student, MFA Programs in Writing (UCI) 1807. Cecelia Lynch, Professor, Political Science (UCI) 1808. Amanda Rusher Foushee, Graduate Student, UC Irvine 1809. Jane Cutter, Ph.D. 1810. Philipp Bouhler, University of Berlin 1811. Viviane Mahieux, Spanish and Portuguese, UCI 1812. Brianna Mckiddy UCI Alumnus 1813. Peter Gazinya, UC-Berkeley 1814. Alfalfa Switzer - Theater student (UCLA) 1815. Alec Finnell, UCI Alumna 1816. Harry Kane, USC Undergraduate 1817. Susan Diep, UCI alumnus 1818. Mark Maza, Alumnus, UC Irvine 1819. Kirsten Alonso, UCI Alumna and Staff 1820. Howard Fallon, UCOP Staff 1821. Priscilla Rodriguez, Undergraduate, Literary Journalism, UCI 1822. Crystal Haro-Sanchez, Undergraduate Student, Mount Saint Mary's University 1823. Gricel Garcia, undergraduate student, UC Irvine 1824. Brian Cope, UCI Alumnus and Associate Professor of Spanish, The College of Wooster 1825. John J Jingle Heimer Schmit 1826. Tyler Kenney, B.A. UCI '13, M.Ed. UCLA '16 1827. Dashiell Powers, Undergraduate (UCI) 1828. Christina Harb, Graduate Student of Education (UCLA) 1829. Leeroy Kang, UC Santa Barbara alumnus 1830. Mojolaoluwa Bolaji, UCI Alumnus 1831. Paul Landicho, UCI Alumnus 1832. Yen Sou, UCI Alumnus 1833. Michelle Alacon, UCI Undergraduate 1834. Melissa Amy Garcia, UCI Alumna Class of 2014 1835. Kasia Severaid, UC Berkeley 1836. Nasser Mufti (UIC) 1837. Domonique Booth, Psychology and Social Behavior UCI 1838. Elise Hudak, Undergraduate, Claire Trevor School of the Arts and School of Social Ecology 1839. Kevin Yang, Undergraduate, USC 1840. Priscilla Rodriguez, Undergraduate, Literary Journalism, UCI 1841. Jonathan Young, Undergraduate Student (UCI) 1842. Hazel Koons, AF3IRM South Bay, UCI Alumni 1843. David Kazanjian (UPenn) 1844. Summer Ko, UCI alumni 1845. Arely Garcia-UCI undergraduate 1846. Tiffany Willoughby-Herard, UCI 1847. Zuozhi Wang, UCI undergraduate 1848. Nancy Yu, Undergraduate (UCI) 1849. Daniel LaVigna, Graduate Student, The University of Akron Law School 1850. Lisa Padilla, UCI Alumni 1851. Patricia Taska, CSF 1852. Mary Lou Soriano (UCI almunus) 1853. Harsharon Sekhon, UCI Alumna 1854. Elaine Rimban, UCLA Undergraduate 1855. Michael Fehr, UCLA/CWA Local 9119 1856. Cecelia Lynch, Professor, Political Science (UCI) 1857. Chuck Root, CUA alumni 1858. Henderson Blumer, Otis Public Practice MFA 1859. Kenneth Hughes, UC Davis Alumnus 1860. Matthew Martinez, alumnus and staff, UCI 1861. Fatima Hasan, Dietetics and Food Administration Undergrad (CSULB) 1862. George Chen, UCI Undergraduate 1863. Scarlett Macias, program in public health (mph student) UCI 1864. Paloma Edth Ibarra, Undergraduate Student, English Major (UCI) 1865. Paul Johnson, UCI alumnus and Assistant Professor, DePauw University 1866. Luis David Macias, Undergraduate (UC Berkeley ) 1867. Scarlett Macias, UCI MPH student 1868. Mariel Tabino, Undergraduate Student, Public Health Policy (UCI) 1869. Angie Marie Martínez, Undergraduate Student of History & Education, (UCI) 1870. Geoffrey Raymond, Professor of Sociology, UCSB 1871. Emily O'Reilly, Undergraduate student environmental studies student Depaul University 1872. Emily Brown, New College of Florida, Biology undergrad 1873. Steven K Curcio, Undergraduate Student, Liberal Arts/General Studies (SCCC) 1874. Nguyen Sinh Con, Lecturer (NVA) 1875. Julius Rosenberg, (New York City College) 1876. Varun Bhave, high school student 1877. Connie Loo, undergraduate (UCI) 1878. Reet Pabla, Undergraduate Student, UCI 1879. Frekke Utakknemlige Jævler, UiT, Norway 1880. Wolfgang Mowrey, Art History/Media & Cultural Studies Undergrad and KUCR DJ, UCR 1881. Rodolfo D. Torres, Professor 1882. Manuel Galaviz, Graduate Student, Latin American Studies, UT at Austin 1883. Marie Nubia-Feliciano, '94 1884. Michael J. Montoya, anthropology & Chicano/Latino studies 1885. Rosie Conley-Estrada, Assistant Professor of Sociology 1886. Jessica Urquidez, undergraduate student, political science, ethnic studies (UCR) 1887. Jaya Dubey, Lecturer, Composition Program 1888. Nicholas Joseph, Graduate Student, English (UCI) 1889. Laura E Enriquez - postdoctoral scholar dept of sociology, uci 1890. Calvin Dinh, Undergraduate Student (UCI) 1891. Bridget Clerkin, Graduate Student (UCI) 1892. Niko Daza, Undergraduate, UC Irvine 1893. Maryam El-Shall, Comparative Literature (UCI, 2007-2012) 1894. colin dayan, professor of English and Law, Vanderbilt University 1895. Olivia Gunn, Pacific Lutheran University 1896. Susan C. Jarratt, Professor, Comparative Literature (UCI) 1897. Andrew Tonkovich, Lecturer UC Irvine 1898. Michael Szalay, English UCI 1899. Arlene R. Keizer, Departments of English and African American Studies, UCI 1900. George Allen, Graduate Student (UCI) 1901. Lance Langdon, Humanities Core Visiting Professor (UCI) 1902. Jaya Dubey, Lecturer, Composition Program (UCI) 1903. Alexander Gelley, Prof.Emeritus,UCI 1904. David Lloyd, Distinguished Professor of English, UCR 1905. Maricela Ulloa, Global Studies (UCSB)