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ISHA Section's Contact Details
Please provide the International Board with your contact details. Remember to inform us immediately about all changes.
I. Section details
Please provide us with your section details.
1. Section name within ISHA
2. locally known as...
3. City:
4. Country:
5. Member universities
6. E-Mail:
7. Postal Address:
II. Contact person
Please provide us with information about you contact person
7. Name
8. Surname:
9. E-Mail:
III. The Section online:
Please provide us with information regarding the online presence of your section.
10. Facebook page:
11. Website:
12. any other blogs or social network accounts?
IV. Additional Information:
Please provide us some additional information about your section.
13. Do you have Statutes of your own?
14.a. Do you have a frequently updated list of local members?
14.b. If yes, how many members do you currently have? How many of those do you consider locally active?If not, please tell us roughly how many people are locally active within ISHA and how many you would consider as members if you had a list.
15.a. Do you have a local Board?
15.a. Do you have a local Board?
15.b. If yes, who is in it? When were the last elections? When are the next? If not, please explain how your section is organised
16. Is there anything else that you want to tell us?
Thank you for completing this form. Remember to inform us immediately about all changes.
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