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The UAESBC is joining forces with the East Coast GRC’s Citizens’ Consultative Committees (CCC) to organise a Recycling Drive with a Twist. Instead of a usual recycling drive effort, donations raised from the recycling project will be used to help vulnerable families in the East Coast in their daily needs including reducing their electricity bills by replacing the lightbulbs in their houses with LED lights.

We also welcome donors to contribute in monetary form towards the Recycling Drive to support the purchase of the LED lights to be installed at the houses of vulnerable families across the GRC. Your contribution will go a long way to ensure they are not burdened with high electricity bills and also prevent falls of elderly family members due to poor lighting currently installed in their houses. All donations will be eligible for 2.5 tax exemption.

Closing Date for donation form submissions is 30th November 2020. Payment to be credited by 21st December latest in order to qualify for tax exemption.

For more info and further queries, please email or call / WhatsApp to 94573650.
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