Banner Badge Order Sheet
All base prices are for a character only digital badge. Shipping of a physical Badge, physical addons, custom frames, and additions of props or pets will have additional cost.

Want something not listed or want a little more? I have more indepth price sheets, these are just the most popular plans/badges.

Each Banner Frame is a little different and custom to the Character. Guild Names and Realms can be added. The Faction symbol will appear behind the character or on the banner.

Example Badges
Chibi Badge
Which Plan do you want? *
Additions? $5 Each (Certain badges get a choice in a pet or Weapon, please pick your choice for that frame below!) *
Physical Or Digital? (Prices are for US, its +$5 more for international, sorry!) *
Would you like to buy additional Items based on your faction, class, or character? (Details discussed in email-Shipping included if your ordering a Physical Package) You can order any addons without getting a physical badge. *
Where will it be shipped? *
How will you be paying? Payment must be made before I start. Please make sure you check out my ToS. By Ordering you agree to it! *
Contact Info : Please include a email and a Social Handle to reach you at. Please ensure your following me/accept my request. I will contact via email first. IF THIS IS NOT FILLED OUT I CANNOT CONTACT YOU. *
Your answer
Please get together screenshots of your character, the weapon/prop/pet you want, and decide on if you'd like your name, title, or guild name featured on the badge. Now is also a great time to consider a pose or expression you'd like included!

Armory links or commissioned pieces are fine to include for Ref. If you have things you want added that arent shown on the screenshot models then be ready with examples or details.

Want something different such as a couples/friend themed badge? Make sure to mention it right away and we can discuss how the two will match or possibly fit together.

Interested in Custom frames or a To Do Request? Decide what you'd like to see and be ready to describe it. I want to provide you a accurate estimate and make sure I get as close as possible.

Check What Applies! I'll ask for details in the email. :) *
Thank you for Ordering!
I'll be sending you a email most likely in the next 24 hours!

The email will include a rough estimate based off what you picked. I do charge a bit extra for overly detailed designs but for the most part I'm pretty true to the prices listed.

I ask for at least 2 weeks to complete any project to allow plenty of wiggle room, rush orders are $15 extra and offered by request. (pushed to the front of my list but still allow up to a 3-5 days since I require a sketch approval)

I work Monday-Friday 9 am to 4 pm and Saturday from 1 pm to 5 pm. I do still check my emails on Sunday and some times after hours.

(Everything after this part is like a mini ToS special to badge orders. If you are ordering in October or September it might be worth a look over. I will repeat some of this in our emails if it is relevant to your order.)

I do not start till payment is received so the 2 weeks starts after as well. If ordering Physical Items expect it to be atleast a month, I will print/ship more often as it gets close to Blizzcon.
Orders placed after October the 15th may or may not arrive in time since I require time to make, print, and ship (shipping times are different depending, US orders should arrive, I cant say for International).
Orders placed after Oct 25 will most likely not arrive in time, but Digital badges should.
Any order after Oct 30th will be completed after Blizzcon because mage portals and time warp are only in game.

I print and ship once to twice a month depending on the amount I have ready. All my prints are done by a high quality local owned print shop currently. I take care of everything else myself from trimming to shipping to creating the items.
I will print and ship weekly to bi weekly in Oct depending on how many orders I need to send out.

Digital art will be emailed on completion to include a PNG high res of the badge and character art and then a lower res JPEG of the badge for you to post and share without fear of anyone ripping the art you just paid for!
If printing yourself and unable to print PNG files, let me know I can save it as other files in a higher res for you. These files are presized to 3x4 for a ready to wear badge size.

If you order Digital but want physical later on then you can pay the extra after to have it made and shipped. Be aware that these should be ordered before Oct 15th if you want to ensure it arrives before blizzcon. This means that if you cant print the item for some reason or if you suddenly decide "I just want to buy that necklace to go with it!" that you can! The buy $10 and get a buck off deal expires after Blizzcon but the items are still there to buy. I highly suggest buying everything at once to save in shipping because it just saves you in the long run if you do!

Thank you again for ordering!

Linda AKA Kirita

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