COVID Bail Out NYC Attorney Referrals
DISCLAIMER: We are not a bail fund. COVID Bail Out NYC is a 100% volunteer-run, emergency grassroots collective of individuals and organizations. Find out more about us here:

FRIENDS AND FAMILY: Thank you for reaching out to us. Please ask your loved one's attorney to fill out this form. We understand your concern but it is much easier for us if an attorney/member of their team fills this out.

ATTORNEYS: Please provide us with more information about your client using the form below. All people are eligible, regardless of the charges being faced. Please note that if your client's bail is over $10,000, a partially secured surety bond would likely be the most feasible option for us to post bail; however, you will need to provide a signer for the PSSB, such as a friend or family member with steady income. If you think you have a candidate for a signer, please fill out this form as well:

Regardless of bail amount, having a credit card bail option (preferably in the amount of the cash bail) is incredibly helpful. Please contact your assigned judge/court attorney and ADA to request this option if not available. We're happy to send you a template to do so!

Please note that we have a large volume of referrals and we are currently prioritizing clients who are medically vulnerable. We're working to get back to you as soon as possible.
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Client Name *
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Bail amount (& PSSB amount, if applicable) *
What types of bail have been set? *
If credit card bail is not currently an option, have you requested credit card bail?
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Does your client have any holds (e.g. parole, immigration) or active warrants that would prevent the client from being released upon bail payment? *
Is your client a party in any pending or upcoming litigation (e.g. writs of habeas corpus)? *
Was a 72 hour surety hold ordered? (We need you to be sure of the answer to this question. At this time, we cannot commit to bailing out people with this type of hold.) *
What needs will your client have upon release? *
Have you spoken with your client about our fund and does your client consent to bail being posted? *
Have you submitted a referral to another bail fund? *
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Your contact information (name, phone number, email) if you're not the assigned attorney. (If you are a friend or family member, please ask the attorney to fill out this form.)
Tell us here, if your client is medically vulnerable to the Covid-19 virus and/or is encountering other harms while in jail. Please be as specific as you can.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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