Culprits - a film3 experiment 

Blood Under the Bridge is the first installment to kick-off the Culprits crime-drama. A guerrilla film series set in the Pacific Northwest that introduces a collective journey of colorful and complex characters throughout interconnected storylines. The episodic narrative aims to be developed for a Film3 space. 

This form serves as a sign-up sheet for those in the know to participate in the films public NFT drop. There are a limited number of NFTs being given away to the public and this form allows first-movers the opportunity to receive a token that represents utility within the Culprits cinematic virtual world.  

What is Blood Under the Bridge about? 
When crime reporter Dahlia Delgado relentlessly tracks down the violent history of a rogue 38 revolver, it traps the teenage Journalist in the middle of a multilayer maze deeply rooted in a police bureau's outrageous cyber exploits and criminal cover-ups. 

What is Film3? 
Film3 is the next generation of media industry where the blockchain and digital communities replace those many layers of middlemen and redistribute revenue across a flat organizational structure.

What is a Guerrilla filmmaking
Guerrilla filmmaking is a shooting style that is done clandestinely with no film permits, no budget, limited props, and usually a bare-minimum (if anything) crew. This usually means shooting on-location quickly before anyone else notices what's going on; preparation beforehand is essential, as is maintaining a low profile.

What are NFTs? 
NFTs can represent any form of digital file, whether that's a jpeg of a piece of art, a video, or even real estate. Turning these files into 'tokens' and securing them on a blockchain make buying, selling and trading these files efficient and reduce fraud.

What is the utility of an NFT mean? 
Each NFT holds potential utility such as rolling membership benefits, access to premium, gated content or exclusive entry to real-world experiences.

Questions? Please email the director at

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