Omni Fandom Expo 2017 Volunteer Guest Liaison
Please fill this form out completely. If you have any questions please email me at

First and foremost, Rules:

1. The deposit this year will be the purchase of your badge. Please register here at When you have completed your 12 hour requirement you will be refunded your money from the registration department.

2. You must be 18 and over to volunteer. (ID Required)

3. There is unfortunately no crash space available.

4. There will be no cosplaying while on duty. Due to the nature of the position, you must be able to move unhindered. This also includes choice of practical clothing. Wear clothing that is easy to walk, jog, run, move in, able to twist bend and/or use extremities without restriction.

5. Volunteers are to remain sober during their shift. THIS MEANS NO DRINKING DURING YOUR SHIFT, OR BEING DRUNK WHEN YOU WALK IN.

6. Absolutely no illegal activities whatsoever, on duty or off. If found to be doing so, you will be asked to leave the con completely and will forfeit your progress hours. If deemed by staff and your attendee badge is removed, you will not be allowed to purchase a 2nd attendee badge. Grounds of trespassing will be enforced. Activities include personal, actions onto others and actions in vicinity of any guest.

7. If you break any of these rules, you will forfeit your volunteer badge, earned hours and your deposit. You will either have to buy a regular guest badge or leave the convention, unless you break rule number 6.

8. As a guest liaison, your are expected to respect the fellow volunteers, guest, staff and convention attendees.

9. You will not be reimbursed for any out of pocket expenses made on behalf of the guest or yourself.

10. A cell phone with texting and calling capabilities is a requirement for this position. A check in system will be used to communicate. Excessive failures to respond will result in relieve of duty and loss of progress hours. (We are not responsible for any extra charges your carrier may charge you)

11. Confidence of any information shared is utmost importance and only kept between you, the guest and staff.

12. Volunteers also have the right to notify the head liaison if a situation is making them uncomfortable. I will personally handle on a case by case basis and kept in confidence. Backing out does not forfeit the regular attendee badge.

13. An interview will be needed before extending an offer for a position. Can be held via Skype, or Face to Face.

14. This final rule is the most important: HAVE FUN! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR HARD WORK!


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