Call for Presentations -- BuzzConf 2020
Date: June 12th, 2020
Event Address: C.C. Konex (Sarmiento 3131), Buenos Aires.
Contact us at and @BuzzConf_Ar

BuzzConf is a conference for developers, by developers.

# Areas of interest to the conference include:

Programming languages
Functional programming
Distributed data
Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning
Big data
Probabilistic programming
Profiling, debugging
Embedded systems

# Types of proposal

- Talks last 30 minutes, including 5 minutes assigned to audience questions (25+5).
- Lightning talks are 10 minutes long, including 2 minutes allocated for audience questions (8+2).

# Proposal advice

¬ The best topics are the ones that come from personal interest: ask yourself what kind of presentation would make you or your friends excited. You could start with a personal experience, feeling or thought; or even how the talk relates to your work or projects.
¬ It is important to have an outline of your presentation, this way you will be able to use the proper voice tones and speech cadences to keep the audience engaged. Also, you could have certain checkpoints in the outline to see how the audience is reacting to your talk.
¬ Know your audience. Check the BuzzConf website to see previous speakers and their talks. Our attendees are mostly experienced developers but there's also mathematicians, scientists, engineers and beginners, so try to make it accessible to all levels.
¬ Write a self-contained talk. Do not to use complex expressions or assume familiarity with your subject; anyone who is interested should understand what your are talking about. Even if it is for a specialized audience, don't give knowledge for granted: not everyone is specialized in the same field.
¬ Be honest. Don't spare your criticisms to the authors or references you chose. Having references such as authors, facts or dates is a good way to anchor your presentation.
¬ An informative title can help a lot. Even if you feel the urge to be witty, communicate what your presentation is about.
¬ If you are presenting about a certain project, package, or company, include links to guide the reader to more information.
¬ About slides: Less is more. They should only be a visual guide to you and the audience. If you put too much information, the audience will focus on it instead of hearing you. Use short but concrete sentences with sans serif and big typography (sans serif is easier to read form a distance). Also: watch out for contrast and the colors you use! Some colors can tire an entire audience pretty quickly.

If you have doubts about becoming a speaker, contact us at We try to assist potential speakers as much as we can so that everyone gets a chance to submit their proposal.

We look forward to your proposals and to seeing you at BuzzConf 2020!

# Deadlines

Call for presentations closes: April 30th, 2020

# Recordings and materials

We plan to video record all talks, including lightning talks, and will make them available after the conference. We do this for those who cannot attend. If you are uncomfortable with having your talk recorded, however, please contact ; being recorded is not a requirement to attend BuzzConf or to give a presentation. Finally, we also ask you to make your materials and recording available under a Creative Commons (default: no commercial reuse) or other open source license.

# Proceeding Publications

This year we are offering willing participants the chance to have their work published as part of a BuzzConf proceedings publication. More details forthcoming.

# Admission and Travel

Speakers will receive free admission to BuzzConf.
We are striving to provide some form of travel grant to assist with the costs of attending. We’ll post details here once a budget is finalized.

# How to contact us

You can reach us with questions and concerns at

# Code of Conduct

Please read and follow the code of conduct:

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