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We need people to help tell the story of the Rose City Riveters!

Specifically, we need:

Original Content: Help us out by providing original stories or reporting on our events. These articles would be featured on the Rose City Riveters website. (Time commitment varies, and is fairly ad hoc)

Photo/Video Pool: These people would help build our image library by providing original photos and videos of volunteer events, the Riveters in action, and tifo. (Time commitment varies and is fairly random)

Note: the Riveters would retain the rights to all supplied content, but we'd do our best to always credit the person who provided the work.

Editors/Proofreaders: Volunteers in this group will edit both old and new site content for clarity, grammar, and spelling. (Time commitment varies and is fairly ad hoc)

Note: We have a finite number of roles to fill, and while we appreciate everyone's interest, we may not be able to take advantage of everyone's skills. Regardless, someone will let you know how everything shakes out.

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