Kiwiburn Small Art Grant Application
Welcome to the art grant application form for Kiwiburn.

This is for grants up to $500

Please answer the following questions, providing as much detail as possible. The Arts Grants Committee will contact you for any additional information we require.

It's a good idea to copy and paste your answers to the following questions from a word document into this form so that you have your own copy of your responses.

If you would like any more information please e-mail and we are happy to answer any questions you have.

The criteria used to access applications are detailed here:

Good luck!
1. What is the title of your project? *
This is the name that will be used on any Kiwiburn Programmes or other material
Your answer
2. What is your name or the name of the primary contact person for this project? *
This is the person who will receive the funding and the communications about this application
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3. Please provide an email address where any questions about your project can be directed. *
So we can contact you!
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4. Please provide a physical/mailing address for this project's primary contact person. *
We need to know where to send relevant forms or cheques, and how to contact you.
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5. Please provide a phone number for this project's primary contact person. *
Again, so we can contact you :)
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6. Total project budget
The entire amount the project is going to cost. Further information will be required in Question 16
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7. Grant request *
The total amount you are requesting a grant for. NOTE: If the AGC grants funding for your project, it is not guaranteed that you will receive this amount. This figure is sometimes adjusted by the AGC based on available funds and the eligibility of items in your budget. Further information will be required in Question 16
Your answer
8. Describe your project. *
Aim for at least 200 words to give us a clear understanding of your project. What will it look like, what will it do, how much space will it take up, etc, etc
Your answer
9. What does this project mean to you? *
This can be as metaphysical or literal as you wish eg is it symbolic. aesthetic, fun to play with etc.
Your answer
10. Do you have any experience working on art/building at a burn or in a similar situation (time constraints, challenging environment etc)? This does not need to have been at a festival, just list any experiences you feel are relevant. *
Aim for at least 200 words to give us a clear understanding of your experience. This helps us estimate whether or not we think the project is viable.
Your answer
11. Kiwiburn is about participation not spectatorship, how does your project encourage participation from other participants? *
The more interactive the better! We love stuff we can participate in!
Your answer
12. Are there any aspects of your project that may not be as effective as you hope and what will you do if this situation arises? *
Aim for at least 100 words to give us a clear understanding of any potential limitations
Your answer
13. What is your Leave No Trace plan? *
How do you aim to remove all traces of your project after the festival?
Your answer
14 a. What are some potential negative environmental impacts?
Your answer
14 b. What will you do to minimise these effects?
Your answer
15. How does your project relate to this years theme? *
Your answer
16. Who and/or how many people will be working on your project? *
We need a rough estimate of how many people are going to be helping you with your project to determine viability. It is also useful for us to know who is going to be working on a project so that we can ensure they are going to be able to complete all of the projects they're involved in. It is disheartening for applicants to have ambitions about a project and not be able to deliver because they are spread too thin. If you're getting help from someone on the AGC, they are unable to vote on your project.
Your answer
17. Are there any potential safety risks with your project? What will you do to minimise or eliminate these risks? *
You will be asked to provide a full Health & Safety plan before your project is approved. We need to ensure our participants, including you, will be safe. If you intend to burn your art there are further health and safety requirements you will need to adhere to for more information email
Your answer
18. Please provide a detailed list of the materials and costs that your grant request will cover, including where you will you will source all items and how they will be transported to the site. *
The total amount for the costs should be equal to the Total Project Budget stated in Question 6. Please feel free to put this into a google sheets document and link it through here.
Your answer
19. Please provide a time-line for building/setting up your project. *
This is to help us determine viability of your project. Don't forget to include packup and removal of rubbish from site in your plan!
Your answer
20. Please provide pictures, plans or diagrams you would like to include with your application please upload them to a image hosting website (eg and paste links below or email to
Images help us to visualize what your intended project may look like and can help us to understand the written description of your project.
Your answer
21. Do you have any ideas about ways of expanding your project if you had more funding/time? *
This will help the Arts Grant Committee identify ways to support art at Kiwiburn and facilitate more great projects in the future.
Your answer
22.The Artery would like to provide additional information on artists and their work on the paddock. Please provide an artist statement for the Artery
The Artery is a hub for all things art on the paddock. Events such as an “art installation tour” will be conducted from here. Your artist statement can be 1 sentence -1 paragraph long
Your answer
23. Is there any additional information/files about your installation or process you would like the Artery to share with paddock participants?
Please mention if you would like work to have no accompanying information available ie: Be a complete mystery!
Your answer
24. Would you like to be in contact with an arts committee member throughout your project?
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