2020 Swim Lesson Registration
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Registration Policy:
Registration forms and payment must be received by 5 pm on the Thursday before classes begin. No Late registration will be accepted. Payments may be made via mail with a personal check or money order. Payments in cash must be made in person at our main office. Payments may be also made via online with PAYPAL.
Refund Policy:
A FULL refund will be given for any class that is cancelled by Gulf Coast Aquatics, Inc. A full refund will be given for cancellations up to the start of class. NO REFUND will be given after the class has started.
Inclement Weather Policy:
If a class has to be cancelled for inclement weather you will be contacted by your instructor or Gulf Coast Aquatics, Inc. prior to the start of you class. At your next class session your instructor will give you the make-up time and date. NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN FOR INCLEMENT WEATHER.
Statement of Understanding:
I fully understand all course requirements, including pre-requisites, minimum age for each level and the refund policy as described above. I understand that class sizes are limited and will be filled on a first PAY basis. By submitting this form I waive any claims against Gulf Coast Aquatics, Inc. and above named locations and associations for any and all injuries sustained by participants or Parents/Guardians participating or viewing. I’m also aware that there is a minimum of 4 participants for each course. If registration does not have enough participants, it is possible the class will be cancelled. Gulf Coast Aquatics, Inc. will confirm or cancel the class on or before Friday before lessons begin.
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