How I Live Now 06
There are no partners on the classwork today. Work Independently. Read today's excerpt from our story, and answer the following questions.
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Comprehension Section
Choose the Best possible answer.
Question 1
At the beginning of this chapter, _____________ are moving into the house.
Question 2
This character says, "Orders are orders."
Question 3
At the bottom of page 1, Edmond advises Daisy to take:
Question 4
In this chapter, Daisy is portrayed as someone who takes care of:
Question 5
What convinces Daisy to proclaim, "So there is an enemy after all"? (page 2)
Question 6
The Family that Daisy goes to live with has the last name of:
Question 7
At the beginning of chapter 16, Daisy asks the Major:
Question 8
Daisy hides this:
Short Answer Section
Answer the following questions using Complete Sentences.
Question 9
Define Tone in Literature:
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Question 10
How would you describe Daisy’s tone beginning in the paragraph near the bottom of p. 1 (“Piper looked from me . . . “)?
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Question 11
Define foreshadowing in Literature:
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Question 12
Explain how the phrase, "That's how totally in the dark we were about our situation," from page 2 qualifies as foreshadowing:
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