Become a coach at Django Girls Almere 2019
To make our workshop successful, good coaches are very important. Not necessarily someone with a huge Python/Django knowledge, but people who can teach others and can inspire them to learn.

Are you friendly, patient, willing to help and to invest your time before, during and after the workshop? Then we will be super happy to have you in the team! Please, fill out the form carefully so we have all the necessary information for smooth communication and matching the right coach with the right attendees.

What is your name? *
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You can share your Github username, if you have one.
What operating systems are you comfortable with? If possible, we would like to give you a group that works with the same operating system as yours. *
What languages do you speak? *
Will you have time before the workshop to help your group (max 3 people) to install Python and Django via Google Hangout/Skype/e-mail? *
Will you have time to meet us and other coaches a day before the workshop? *
Do you have any previous experience with teaching others? Tell us about it. *
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