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Please use this online form to signup for Secret Prayer Sister: April 5 through June 5
Description of Secret Prayer Sister - please read thoroughly
Cover your friends in prayer! All ladies of the church are invited to participate in this ministry of prayer and encouragement. Participants will be given a sister to anonymously pray for and encourage for nine weeks. There are no weekly meetings; your commitment is to simply lift another in prayer. There is power in prayer! It is comforting to know there is someone praying for your specific needs/requests as well as to be praying for someone in return.

The Secret Prayer Sister session will begin on Sunday, April 5 and conclude on Saturday, June 6.

Responsibilities as a Sister:

1. Make a commitment. Your sister is relying on you to uphold her in your daily prayers and for encouragement.
2. Be an encouragement. Send her cards or notes of encouragement a couple of times during our program.
3. Keep it a secret. Don’t let anyone know who you are praying for. You can either mail cards or bring them to church and put them in the special Secret Prayer Sisters mail located in the narthex.
4. Please do not purchase gifts. However, if your sister’s birthday falls between our start and end date, please remember her special day with a card. If you choose to buy her a birthday gift, there is a $15 limit.
5. Be sure to contact your Sister by means of a card or note a minimum of three times during our nine weeks.

How to Participate:

1. Complete the form below by Sunday, March 29.
2. Peggy will confirm via email who you will be praying for and provide you with that person's Information Form.
3. Peggy will moderate during the nine weeks. If you have any additional prayer requests, just let Peggy know and it will be communicated to the person who is praying for you!

Who’s Praying for You? The Reveal Party will be on Saturday, June 6

Our Secret Prayer Sister Reveal Party will be on Saturday, June 6th at 10:00 AM. You disclose who you have been praying for and you will learn who has been praying for you. No gifts. You’ll get to spend some time with the person whom you’ve been praying for (and who you’ve prayed for). More information about the Reveal will be provided to you in early May.

If you cannot attend on June 6, please let Peggy know ASAP.

Have fun and enjoy getting to know your sister through prayer. You may be the instrument that God has placed in her life to provide the encouragement she needs during this time.

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Thank you! I'm so glad that you have chosen to participate! This is a GREAT opportunity to get to know someone and to give them the amazing gift of lifting them up to the Lord!
Questions? Please contact Peggy:
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