Colgate University Campus Venture Application
Colgate is supportive of students starting and operating new ventures on campus. The Campus Venture Initiative supports student entrepreneurs with a variety of key resources to grow their ventures. To access these resources, teams must be approved by the CVI committee.

We look forward to reading your application and working with you.


Carolyn Strobel, director, Thought Into Action
Wills Hapworth, alumni executive director, Thought Into Action
Benefits of CVI Approval
Approved ventures receive the following:

- A certificate from the University to operate and market on campus
- Access to a ‘Gate Card machine to process payments
- Access to an exclusive, high-trafficked location in the Coop to sell goods and market services
- Access to resources through the TIA Entrepreneurship Institute
Application Process and Deadlines
Application process:

1. Apply using this form
2. You will be contacted by the director to schedule an interview and provide additional information as needed
3. Attend a 20-minute interview with the review committee
4. The director will notify you of the committee's decision within a few days after the interview
Application deadlines for 2019-2020:

- Apply by September 16 for a decision by September 30
- Apply by October 16 for a decision by October 30
- Apply by November 11 for a decision by November 25
- Apply by December 9 for a decision by December 23
- Apply by February 10 for a decision by February 24
- Apply by March 9 for a decision by March 23
- Apply by April 7 for a decision by April 21
If you have questions or would like more information, contact Carolyn Strobel, director, Thought Into Action, at
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