BIPOC Scholarship Application for Minnesota University & College Counseling Center Fall 2020 Conference October 9
This scholarship program is meant for those who self-identify as Black, Indigenous, or a Person Of Color. It is open to students and professionals. It is intended to help cover the cost for those that would like to attend this conference but might not have the full financial means.

At this time we can cover the full ticket price for three scholarship applicants ($85/each). However, if we receive more scholarship donations we may be able to cover ticket costs for more BIPOC scholarship applicants.

Please answer the questions below and submit this form to complete your scholarship application.

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Briefly describe what is "calling you to" this Minnesota University & College Counseling Center Conference? *
Are you committed (1) to amplifying fellow BIPOC voices within our conference sessions and (2) to practice engaging in difficult dialogues to help build real relationships with fellow conference attendees? *
(Optional) Please feel free to share anything else that you would like the conference leadership committee to know about you. :)
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