BRC Quiz 8
Bedford Rambling Club Quiz
A quick quiz to help pass the time.
Remember this is just for fun.
For your score to be counted please complete and submit by the advertised finish time.
Please be honest & don't look up answers.
Most questions and their answers have been taken off the internet so I am not responsible for either.
Rule 1 - Quiz master is always right.
All other queries - Refer to rule 1.

Good luck and have fun.
Winners will be announced as soon possible after the end time on WhatsApp.
Bedford Rambling Club. Lockdown quiz.
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What year was the very first model of the iPhone released?
1 point
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How many feet are there in a fathom?
1 point
What is the common name for dried plums?
1 point
What’s the primary ingredient in hummus?
1 point
What is the name of the thin, but long country that spans more than half of the western coast of South America?
1 point
In what country is Ian Fleming International Airport found?
1 point
What is the name of the river which rises in the Tibetan plateau and travels through China, Burma, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, and Vietnam?
1 point
There is a village called 'Pity Me' just outside Durham. True or false?
1 point
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Which number lies directly opposite the number three on a standard die?
1 point
True or false; Rutland Water is a naturally occurring lake
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Which UK girl band launched the new UK Channel 5 at 6pm on March 30th 1997?
1 point
How many years did Tony Blair serve as Prime Minister of the UK?
1 point
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What is the width of a piece of A4 paper when measured in inches? (To the nearest inch)
1 point
Beer quiz
From which country do these beers originate? Match each beer to its the country.
7 points
Red Stripe
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