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Cancelation Policy: Please give a cancelation notice at least two days prior to your scheduled appointment in order for no cancellation fees to incur. If appointment cancelation occurs one day before scheduled appointment, 50% of scheduled service will be charged. If cancelation occurs on the same day of scheduled appointment, the full price of service will be charged. Cancellation policy will be waived if the client has an unpredictable proven personal emergency and/or unpredictable severe weather alerts (roads are unsafe to drive). *
Leeza LA Botanical Hair Studio Service Policies: No refunds for any service completed. If client is unsatisfied, the hairstylist has the option to perform adjustments for an additional charge. Leeza L.A. Botanical Hair Studio accepts major credit cards. Please no checks and/or tips. Leeza L.A. Botanical Hair Studio is not responsible for previously damaged hair and has the right to refuse service. Services performed at client's risk. Leeza LA Botanical Hair Studio gives no refunds for any services performed. Promotions or discounts cannot be combined. *
By submitting this form I agree to the following when obtaining services at Leeza LA Botanical Hair Studio: I take full responsibility to understand Organic Colour System ingredients and how they interact with me and my hair. (I will contact Organic Colour System for ingredients if needed). I will not hold my hairstylist responsible for any allergic reactions and/or any unexpected color results. I also take full responsibility to check on these color ingredients with my doctor if pregnant or if I have any medical concerns. After coloring, I take full responsibility to use appropriate hair care (like shampoos and conditioners with no sulfates) and I take responsibility to keep my hair away from chlorinated water and salt water. Overall, I take responsibility to keep my hair away from harsh chemicals, some natural elements, and sulfates. I understand that if my hair will be processed from dark to blond, I may not get the desirable result from the first visit and may need to visit for additional services and pay for these additional services. I understand that for the best color results, I need to shampoo my hair the day before getting hair services at the Leeza LA Botanical Hair Studio. I understand that the hairstylist cannot 100% guarantee desired result due to different invisible undertones in each individual's hair and the prolonged affect of previously colored hair. I understand that the hairstylist will do the best possible work on my hair by using her professional expertise. I have checked LeezaLA.com and understand that starting pricing will be charged, however depending on hair thickness, length, and service performed a higher price could be charged. *
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