2019 National Championships - FenCen Team Nominations
The Fencing Central committee calls for nominations for teams to represent the Fencing Central region at the 2019 New Zealand National Teams Championships. This tournament will be held in Wellington on 26th to 28th October.

See the below link for full details of the competition:

The Fencing Central committee will be selecting two teams per weapon, per gender (i.e. a total of 12 teams).

To be entered into the Open Team Events, teams will need to be selected and entered by their Regional Bodies or Country in advance.
The teams may consist of up to four members each.
No changes to the named members are permitted after submission.

Team Selection Criteria:
Regional Teams - Fencers are selected and entered by their Regional Committee in advance.
Ex New Zealand Fencers - Fencers will be accepted into the last Region that they were affiliated with and must apply to that Regional Committee.
International Fencers fencing in a Region that are Affiliated to that Region - Fencers are eligible for Regional Selection.
New Zealand Fencers that have never been in a Region - Fencers must affiliate to a Region and nominate as per Ex New Zealand Fencers in order to fence in a Regional Team.
International Teams may be accepted at the discretion of the organisers.

Fencers are invited to nominate themselves for teams in more than one event. However, please do not nominate yourself for more than one team in the same event.


All nominations MUST be received by 5pm Sunday 13th October. Late entries cannot be considered.
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