First Season - The God We Meet in the Sacraments
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You will need a United Methodist Hymnal.

The God We Meet in the Sacraments
Our goal for this gathering is to develop a better understanding of and deeper appreciation for the sacraments of the Christian Church and especially encountering God through them. There can be a lot of questions surrounding the holy mystery of baptism and communion. In this time together we hope to explore those questions as we grow in knowledge and faith. Before you go further, offer a prayer inviting God to open your heart and mind to the words we will read.

As we begin, a United Methodist understanding of holy communion recognizes a number of distinctions: 1) we can’t fully understand what’s happening in this sacrament, thus it is a holy mystery, 2) just as Jesus extended this table to all of the broken people at the last supper, so too do we celebrate communion with an open table–that all are invited to share in this holy meal, as Christ invited us to meet him here 3) we believe in the real presence of Christ at this table–again in a holy and mysterious way, Christ is somehow present in the breaking of bread and sharing of the cup

Grab Your United Methodist Hymnal
Turn to “Word and Table I” on page 6 of The United Methodist Hymnal.
Why might “pure, unfermented juice of the grape” be used by United Methodists?
Note the italicized, red font under the title.
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With Your Family...
Read through the order of worship for "Word and Table I" together.
What are the differences in this and Clemson UMC's order of worship?
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Does the liturgy need to be this structured? Why or why not?
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What other ways might there be to celebrate communion?
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What are the absolute essentials for communion?
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Share a meaningful communion experience.
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How might communion inspire us to live differently?
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To Close Your Time...
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