HBMA 2021: The Healthcare Revenue Cycle Conference - Call for Speakers
HBMA 2021: The Healthcare Revenue Cycle Conference will be held in Dallas, Texas on September 8-10. 2021. The HBMA Education Committee is currently accepting abstract submissions for speaking opportunities at the conference.

Abstract submission will close on May 7, 2021 and all selected speakers will be notified no later than June 18, 2021. Thank you!

If you have any questions or need any additional information, please contact the HBMA Speaker Team at education@hbma.org.
Abstract Title *
Program Description *
Please enter a seven to ten sentence description outlining your program. This description may be used for conference programs and marketing materials and it will be subject to editing and shortening prior to publication.
Proposed Outline *
Please provide an outline of your presentation/article with both topics and sub-topics. If submitting for a live presentation, please indicate the time sequence for each topic/activity in your session. Note: Sessions are generally scheduled for 60 minutes. Please plan on 50 minutes for your presentation and 10 minutes for questions and discussion.
Learning Objectives (Minimum of Three) *
Each abstract must have clear and concise written statements of intended learning objectives. Learning objectives are written statements of what the learner is expected to accomplish as a result of the learning activity. Learning outcomes must be observable and measurable. When writing learning outcomes, verbs that are not observable and measurable cannot be used. For example, the verbs "know, understand, learn, appreciate, improve, and enhance" cannot be measured. Suggested verbs for writing learning outcomes include "count, define, identify, list, name, outline, quote, read, recognize, state, write, and summarize." List a minimum of three learning outcomes which will define what the participants will be able to do at the conclusion of the presentation/article.
Abstract Category *
Please select the category that best fits your abstract.
What is the specific topic for your abstract within the category selected above? *
Abstract Level *
Please select the level that best describes your abstract.
Take Home Items *
We encourage presenters to provide the audience with hands-on tools that drive home the message of the presentation. Will you be including any take-home tools or resources in your presentation? Tools can include (but are not limited to) handouts, checklists, visual models, etc., which will be provided digitally to attendees. Your response to this question will allow us to help plan for any additional resources needed.
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