Final Transcript Request
NMHS Class of 2020: Use this form to request where you would like your FINAL transcript to be sent. Your FINAL transcript will be sent to the college you will be attending in the Fall, not to every college you have applied to. All of the information must be completed in order for your transcript to be sent. The required $3 fee will be waived for the Class of 2020.

IMPORTANT- Final transcripts are processed at the District level at the end of the school year, not by the school. Once they are finalized and ready for submission, the counselors will be notified. We will post a message in Band when they are ready to go out. You will be responsible for following up with the College/University to make sure the transcript was received. If the transcript is mailed, please allow 2 - 4 weeks for the transcript to be received and applied to your account. Thank you!
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If the College is Out-of-State, please provide the mailing address where the transcript should be mailed (include street number, street name, city, state, zip code). Enter "N/A" if the college is in-state. *
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