Station Internship Application/Update Form
Hello, and welcome (back)! This form is intended to serve as an application and scheduling assistant for the Station Theater Internship program specifically for a standard Operations or Marketing Internship.

If the contents and duties listed below are not a viable option for you, it may be possible to find you an alternate position as an intern performing other duties with Station. This is at the discretion of the Directors.

Internships have limited availability. Interview may be required.

Failure to complete one's internship may result in an inability to continue in classes at the discretion of the Station Theater administration. If permitted to an additional level without having fulfilled the internship for a previous level, an interns efforts will continue to go towards their previous class until such a time as that internship is fulfilled at which point all future efforts will be allotted to the new internship.

That's the basic mechanics of internships and how they work!

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