Full Program Registration
Terms and Conditions:
Please read carefully before registering.

Registration Commitment:
Registration for lessons is a commitment to the full regular session (or remainder thereof), including concerts, special events and group classes. By registering, you are paying to reserve your studio placement until the end of the academic year.

Registration Deposit:
A non-refundable deposit of $100 + 2 months tuition must be submitted before registration is considered complete. You can send an e-transfer or mail a cheque within one week of registering, or personally deliver payment to the studio.

Tuition Payment:
Your tuition is due at or before the first lesson or arrangements can be made for instalments. Cheques are payable to Adam Pappas. Interac E-transfer is also accepted. Late fees are not generally enforced unless chronic late payment activity becomes an issue or if payment is due after a withdrawal from the studio. Late fees will be assessed at 2% per month.

Probationary Period:
New Students will all have a 4 month probationary period before being considered permanent students.

Lesson Attendance:
Students are required to attend the regularly scheduled lesson, along with a legal parent or guardian. If you will be late or you will miss a lesson, you are expected to notify Mr. Pappas as soon as possible. There will be no refunds or make-up lessons for any lesson cancelled or missed by the client. Exceptions to the parental/guardian attendance requirement will only be made after an assessment of the student's skill and maturity level has been completed and is deemed fit to attend the lessons on their own.

Cancelled Lessons:
Mr. Pappas may occasionally need to cancel lessons to accommodate rehearsals and performances. Make-up lessons will be offered, but if this cannot be accommodated, the cancelled lesson will be credited at the end of the academic year.

Group Class Attendance:
Students and parents are expected to attend the regularly scheduled group classes. If you will be late or you will miss a lesson, you are expected to notify Mr. Pappas as soon as possible. Unexcused absences will be limited to 2 per term before suspension from groups without refund. Group classes are automatically billed and attendance expected unless there is no class being offered. There will be no refunds or make-ups for any group lessons missed by the client.

Recitals and Special Events:
The student may be expected to attend and take part in festivals, recitals, master-classes or other special events as deemed necessary by Mr. Pappas. There may be additional costs associated with some of these events.

Cancellation of registration between June 1 and Sept 1 is subject to two full months of tuition (usually the deposit will be retained unless you haven't paid it yet in which case you are expected to provide payment no later than Sept 1). 4 months notice must be given if withdrawing from the studio between session start and Christmas Break. Withdrawals after the start of Christmas Break are subject to the full remaining tuition for the year. Withdrawal will result in forfeiture of scheduled make-up lessons.

Intention to Return:
As a professional courtesy you must notify the studio IN PERSON by March 30 if you do not intend to return for the following academic year. If that is not possible for whatever reason, you must provide notification and go through an exit interview no later than June 1 (barring any special or unforeseen circumstances) or you will be assessed an exit fee of 15% of your current annual tuition rate.

Health and Safety:
You are encouraged to inform the teacher of any health issues your child may have. This information will be kept in confidence and is required for the safety and accommodation of your child’s learning environment.

Respect for Property:
Parents and/or guardians are responsible for their children and agree to be respectful of all musical instruments and property. They will be financially responsible for any damages sustained to any property in Mr. Pappas’s studio and home.

Image Release:
The Adam Pappas Studio will collect audio, video and still images in relation to studio activities. These materials can be used for promotional and professional development purposes. Any materials recorded by the clients in relation to specific studio activities are also considered the property of the Adam Pappas Studio and copies must be provided to the studio upon request. Clients may retain materials for personal use only.

Neither Mr. Pappas nor any associated individual, company or property owner of either his studio or residence are responsible for any loss or damage to persons or property. Mr. Pappas reserves the right to terminate the teaching relationship at any time for any reason.

Code of Conduct:
There is in effect a code of conduct which will be attached as an appendix to the hard copy of this agreement. Clients will at all times adhere to this code of conduct as a binding part of this agreement.

Terms and Conditions can change at any time without prior notice.
A hard copy of this agreement must be signed and initialled at the first meeting.

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