Freight in Northwest Michigan
It is expected that the results of the 2020 Census will see the Traverse City small urban area transition into a Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO). An MPO is a federally mandated and federally funded transportation policy-making organization that is made up of representatives from local government and governmental transportation authorities.

As part of work to prepare for this, the Traverse Transportation Coordinating Initiative (TTCI) and Networks Northwest are working on a freight plan portion of a future Transportation Plan. We want to get freight user input which will serve as a guide for future project selection. We plan to do this through this brief survey and getting feedback on the draft plan later in the summer.

Freight is defined by MDOT as any good, product, or raw material carried by a commercial means of transportation such as air, highway, rail, water, and pipelines.

The Freight Plan will look at a broad overview of freight in Northwest Michigan, and challenges and opportunities with moving freight in Northwest Michigan. This will also help shape some goals to help improve freight flow.

What is your primary method of moving freight?
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Which county represents the bulk of your freight movement needs?
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What are some current challenges affecting the movement of freight in the region? Select all that apply and feel free to add others.
What are some current opportunities to improve the movement of freight in the region? Select all that apply and feel free to add others.
What do you see as the biggest risks to the future of freight movement? Select all that apply or feel free to add others.
Are there any improvements to the implementation of roundabouts that would benefit freight movement (wider widths, etc.)?
Are there any bottlenecks or chokepoints that hinder the movement of freight? If so, please list where.
For your ability to move freight, what are the most important routes in Northwest Michigan? Select all that apply and feel free to add others.
Are there any projects or goals within the impending MPO boundaries (see yellow area on map) that would assist with the movement of freight? (example: repave certain street that sees frequent freight travel)
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