Free Trial / Observation Application Form トライアル/見学申込フォーム
# Insurance will not be covered when participating in the free trial.
# Regarding mail address, please register as much as possible "non-free mail address”.
Please acknowledge that email may not arrive when you register hotmail, yahoo, gmail etc. beforehand.

<Information on the new registration and free trial>
1) We must regret to inform you that we are not able to accept new membership registration and free trials for children between 4 and 8 years old for 2020 winter season (January to March) due to the full capacity of our classes for those age groups. We will inform you when we are able to re-open any new registrations and trials at our website and facebook page.
Also we will announce the procedures for the registration for the 2020 spring season(April to July) at the beginning of March 2020. Once again our apology for this decision.

2) We will continue accepting new registration and the free trials for the children between 9 and 18 year old at the following form.



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Please refer to the calendar on the top page of our club website for class dates. en/class/ ( 2020 Winter Class Schedule ) Unfortunately, "Trial" or "Observation from around pitch" will not be accepted on match days. We would appreciate your understanding. 練習開催日は当クラブのウェブサイトのトップページにございますカレンダーをご参照ください。 (冬シーズン開催日程 ‎ ) 試合日は「トライアル及び見学」はお受けできませんが、ご理解のほどお願い申し上げます。
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Favorite things (food, sports,anything about the child)好きなことや関心のあること(食べ物、スポーツなどご本人のことをお友達に知ってもらい、コミュニケーションに繋げるための項目です) *
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How you got to know our club 当クラブをお知りになったきっかけ *
Membership terms and conditions, privacy policy and fees. 会員会則並びに会費・入退会等細則、プライバシーポリシー
Membership terms and conditions, and fees, privacy policy

Read the membership terms and conditions, including fees, membership termination policy, privacy policy and confirm your agreement by checking the box.


Confirmation of membership terms and conditions, privacy policy and fees. 会員会則並びに会費・入退会等細則、プライバシーポリシーのご承諾 *
Audio, visual and other related recordings (Consent or Decline) 写真・動画掲載の承諾及び拒否
SIRC undertakes public relations activities by utilizing its website, social networking platforms and other web based services for the purposes of developing rugby and international relations, and to inform both the Japanese public and globally of SIRC’s activities. Accredited commercial media who have obtained prior consent from SIRC may take audio, visual and other related recordings of SIRC’s activities for public disclosure. Members may decline such disclosure by submission of a non-publication notice by prior written notice or e-mail to the SIRC if it does not wish for such information to be made publicly available. If the member does not decline the use of such information, such Member shall have deemed to have provided its consent to such release.

▪️ Images and private information will only be used for the purposes of SIRC’s public relations activities.
▪️ Any photos or vides which have been publicly published on SIRC’s media platforms and where the SIRC has a received a request to remove such photos or vides will be promptly removed from such media platforms controlled by SIRC.
▪️ Please send any non-publication notices to by prior written notice or e-mail to the SIRC if you do not wish for such information to be made publicly available. However, where group photos or other media instruments are being utilised to record group activities, please use your own discretion to not be recorded.
▪️ Please contract for any enquiries.


Audio, visual and other related recordings (Consent or Decline) 写真・動画掲載の承諾及び拒否確認 *
Child's photo お子様のお顔写真
Please send your child's photo to for smooth communication within the team and for respond to an emergency. チーム内でのコミュニケーションを円滑にするため、また緊急時のスムーズな対応のため、お子様のお顔写真を までご送付頂きたくお願い申し上げます。
Guardian's requests 保護者の方からのご要望
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