First Season - The God We Covenant With
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You will need a United Methodist Hymnal.

The God We Covenant With
Our goal for this gathering is to develop a better understanding of and deeper appreciation for the promises encountered on Confirmation Sunday. Even though we are over two years away from this day, we want to begin with the end in mind. Before you go further, offer a prayer inviting God to open your heart and mind to the words we will read.

As we begin, a United Methodist understanding of baptism puts the emphasis on God. God says “Yes!” to us in our baptism. God says yes to claiming us as part of God’s family and yes to calling us beloved in God’s sight. In confirmation, the emphasis is on the confirmand returning their “Yes!” to God’s “Yes!” found in our baptism. Mentors, parents, family, friends, and the church give confirmands the strength to live out this “Yes!” each day. We cannot be Christian by ourselves. We need God and one another!

Grab Your United Methodist Hymnal
Turn to "The Baptismal Covenant I" on page 33.
What are the five occasions for which this covenant is used, including Confirmation?
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With Your Family...
Read through the covenant and record the following:
- Promises made by God
- Promises made by the confirmand, that's you!
- Promises made by the family, mentors, and the church
What are the promises made by God?
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What are the promises made by the confirmand?
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What are the promises made by the family, mentors, and the church?
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Which of these promises are easy to keep? Which are challenging?
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Which of God's promises are easy to believe? Challenging to believe?
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With these promises in mind, what do you hope to learn, experience, and grow in as you prepare to say “Yes!” to these questions?
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To Close Your Time...
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