Neighborhood Services Survey
An update to the Seerley Park shelter is on the city's planned wish list.  As the College Hill Partnership began discussing shelter updates, the need for neighborhood input is critical to make the park a functional and more popular community gathering space. We need your help to identify priorities and to organize for additional fundraising and grant writing if needed.

In addition, the Neighborhood Services Committee seeks your help in identifying other issues that are important for you and improving our local community and quality of life in the Hill Neighborhood.
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How often do you/your family visit or use Seerley Park?
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How often do you/your family visit or use Seerley Park?
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When you visit or use Seerley Park, what do you do  there? (check all that apply)
What new amenities to Seerley Park would you utilize or would draw you to the Park more often if they were added? (Check all that apply)
What is the most important consideration when designing or renovating the shelter?
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What's the most important consideration when deciding where to place the shelter?
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Besides improvements to Seerley Park, what other neighborhood issues do you hope the College Hill Partnership can address or act on? (check all that apply)
What other feedback, suggestions, or questions do you have for the CHP Neighborhood Services Committee?
If you are interested in helping or volunteering for the College Hill Partnership Neighborhood Services Committee or Seerley Park Improvements, please enter your name, email, and phone below.
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