Exothermic Interest Form
Hello, and welcome to Exothermic Robotics!

The purpose of this form is to gauge your interest in robotics and gather some information to help us better place you or your student on a team.

Here is some quick information about Exothermic Robotics:
- we are a student orientated, student run organization based in Redmond Washington that provides STEM and educational resources for all our students
- we participate in VEX robotics, a type of robotics that competes in teams of 5-7 people from September to May in both regional and international competitions
- we work out of a shared space, dubbed the ‘robot house’ where we share tools and materials
- all our fees for the year are covered with a single, up-front fee paid on joining
- teams gain unlimited access to the house, and can work on their robots freely throughout the season
- this season usually begins in late august, and runs until April or May

If you have any questions or concerns about this form or joining Exothermic Robotics in general, feel free to contact us at president@exothermicrobotics.org. After you complete this form, we will reach out to you regarding next steps to joining our organization.

When joining our organization, please note that the season does not officially start until August, and typically runs throughout the school year. While we will attempt to place students on teams imminently to get a head start on the competition, this may not always be possible.

Thank you so much for showing interest and we look forward to building robots with you soon!
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