Jackson Elementary Survey 2018
Thank you for taking a few minutes to complete this important survey. Your input is critical to the ongoing success and improvement of Jackson Elementary School. The following survey should take no more than 10 minutes to complete and all responses will be confidential. Jackson School's leadership team will use the results to plan for school improvement. Results will only be accessible in aggregate and shared as appropriate.

As you thoughtfully answer the following questions, please keep in mind the following:
• Mission: Nurturing Today’s Students for Tomorrow’s World. All students learning at high levels.
• Vision: Jackson is a school of excellence where students, staff, families, and the community are proud and involved. We are known for strong core instruction through the workshop model infused with technology in a culturally responsive environment.

To achieve both, we strive to continually evaluate, reflect and improve our systems and climate.

1. How welcome do you feel at Jackson School?
2. How much of a sense of belonging does your child feel at Jackson School
3. How confident are you, that Jackson School meets your child's learning needs?
4. How well do teachers at Jackson School create an environment that helps children learn and look forward to coming to school?
5. How well does the principal at Jackson School lead an environment that helps children learn and look forward to coming to school?
6. I feel that I am an equal team member along with the staff when it comes to plans and decisions concerning my child's education?
7. Jackson School provides excellent educational opportunities?
For the following, please indicate the degree to which you are satisfied:
Very satisfied
Somewhat satisfied
Neither Satisfied or Dissatisfied
Somewhat Dissatisfied
Very Dissatisfied
How clean is the school?
How satisfied are you with the size of classes?
How well does Jackson School communicate with you?
At Jackson School, how effective is PBIS in promoting positive behaviors?
The safety of my child while in school.
The safety of my child while riding a bus.
At Jackson School, how effective are PTO's activities for enhancing and enriching a sense of community for families
Please provide any comments you would like to offer.
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