ABRSM Book Rebate Voucher
ABRSM would like to reward MALAYSIAN participants who have signed up for any of the 2019 seminars listed below. You will receive a special rebate book voucher of RM60 when signing up for the 2019 Music Teacher Conference. There are limited vouchers up for grabs on first come first served basis. For those who opt to attend only one day of the music teacher conference, a rebate book voucher of RM30 will be given.
(T&C applies)

a. Guitar Syllabus Seminar (February 2019)
b. Violin Syllabus Seminar (July 2019)
c. ARSM Piano Seminar (October 2019)

Terms & Conditions:

1. To qualify for a RM60 book voucher, any participant needs to have attended one of the events stated above, and fully signed up for the Early Bird Price or Normal Full Price ticket for the 2019 Music Teacher Conference. This Voucher is not applicable to Group Buys or Student tickets. A RM30 book voucher will be given to those only signing up for one day Music Teacher conference.

2. The book voucher is only valid for purchase of books from our retailer during the Music Teacher Conference from 28th -29th November 2019.

3. There is no minimum purchase requirement to use the voucher. This voucher cannot be exchanged for cash nor it can be use partially only. If total purchase exceeds the voucher, cash can be topped up on top of the voucher, but if total purchase is under the value of the voucher, no refund or cash will be given back for unused amount.

4. Each voucher is valid for one single purchase only. No combined vouchers can be used for a single purchase regardless of the value of the purchase.

5. Limited vouchers are available while stock last, on first come first served basis, i.e. date of registration for the Music Teacher Conference.

6. In order to receive the voucher, you must provide the information needed in this form below for organizer to cross check your name in our past event's database. Once verified, you will receive an email notification to collect your voucher during registration on the 1st day of the conference (28th November 2019).

7. Each participant can only redeem 01 (ONE) voucher regardless of how many events you have attended.

8. Once all the vouchers have been fully redeemed, this voucher request form will be closed.
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