Another Day In Perrydise GA21 FMCA Educational Seminar and Meeting Space Request Form
Seminars have been cited as one of the top reasons FMCA members attend international conventions. FMCA relies on respected instructors and representatives from exhibiting companies to share their wealth of knowledge and experiences with our attendees. FMCA extends many thanks to our loyal seminar presenters.

Through the various sources of seminar feedback that is collected, it has become apparent the attendees have two major complaints. First, seminar schedule information is not available for review in a timely manner. The second is that some educational seminars have become commercial presentations. We will be diligent in making the changes needed to stop these complaints. You must be registered to attend the show to request and receive a seminar space assignment.
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Meeting Space Schedule
Educational (no fee) seminar space is available on Thursday, March 11, Friday, March 12, and Saturday, March 13. Seminars will begin each day at 9:00 AM; the last seminar will be scheduled at 4:00 PM. Devotions, social and area gatherings may be scheduled from 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Seminars will be presented within a 60-minute time period. There will be a 30-minute break between each session. Following the second seminar each day there will be a 90-minute personal-time break for the attendees.
Educational Seminars
Educational seminars will not include sales pitches of any kind. There will not be promotion of specific products or services offered by the presenter’s company. The attendees should be invited to visit the presenter’s booth upon conclusion of the program.

Presenters may not disparage another company’s product or services. You may comment on a specific product or service only if asked by an attendee.

If you want to promote only YOUR specific product or service, FMCA offers a limited number of Product-Specific Seminars. These spots will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. The fee is $300 per seminar. There will be a separate application form available to apply for these seminars.

All seminar rooms are monitored. If you choose to violate the product-specific/educational seminar rules, your opportunity to present at future FMCA conventions may be at risk and you will be billed the $300.00 for your seminar space rental and the audiovisual equipment.

The exception to the rules stated above – Attendees have requested technical seminars about specific engines, chassis, and generators. These companies have been asked by FMCA to provide information that is product-specific due to the nature of the topic.

Please have ample handouts of your presentation available or provide download information for the attendees.
Commercial Entities
If you are a commercial entity, you must have a booth in order to present a seminar. Family member must be registered for the convention in order to request seminar space.
Round Table Discussion Panels
These Q&A seminars are formed by invitation to exhibitors that are representing the topic. ex. Towing Round Table. No unprompted discussion about a specific product or service is allowed. The presenter may comment on a specific product if directly asked by an attendee.
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