Appril 2020 Call for Papers
Appril Festival is an app conference on April 22-23, 2020 in Amsterdam.

This is the form for our call for papers. Please fill out whatever you think we need to be able to evaluate your talk proposal.

Before you submit, please read important information about our CFP at
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Would you like to submit this talk for our Appdevcon CFP too?
In addition to the app conference, we also organize a tech-only conference called Appdevcon (Marchl 10-13, 2020). If we don't select your talk for Appril, but we think it's suitable for Appdevcon, would you like to present it there instead?
About your experience
Please tell us a bit about your experience with app development and if you have experience presenting. This info will NOT be published but helps us evaluate your skills as a speaker. This field (as opposed to bio) will be shown to the CFP committee, so we suggest to keep this anonymous and neutral. What we'd like to see here is something along the lines of 'I've been a conference speaker since x years'. This helps us assess if you're experienced in your topic and if you're an experienced speaker.
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If we select your talk, we would like to know where you would be flying/coming from.
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Do you require travel/lodging?
We cover travel and 1 or 2 hotel nights for speakers. However if you represent a company that might be willing to chip in for the travel and lodging costs, we would be able to attract more international speakers. (We will add your company's logo to the sponsor section in that case)
Is this a commercial / sponsored talk?
Sponsor requests are evaluated separate from the regular call for papers. We'll contact you if the answer to this question is 'yes'.
Would you or your company be interested in a sponsorship?
We have various packages available. Note: this question has no influence on the selection process (it's hidden from the reviewers), but we are always on the lookout for sponsors to make the conference even better.
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