Elementary School Student Survey: Schools of the Future
The design of the physical learning environment can affect teaching and learning. How can your physical learning environment most effectively support you? Parents and guardians, please talk with your child about their learning environment and assist them in answering survey questions.
*Some questions adapted from the OECD School User Survey for 2018, http://www.oecd.org/education/OECD-School-User-Survey-2018.pdf
Please give the name of your school.
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What grade are you in?
What spaces do you use for school work either by yourself or with your classmates?
Which of the following outside spaces are available at your school?
Think of the outside spaces at your school. During lesson time, which of these outside spaces have you used?
In which space in your school do you feel you learn the best?
Your answer
Why do you like the place in your school that helps you learn the best? (Please check all that apply.)
How comfortable are the spaces you use?
In all of the spaces
In most of the spaces
In a few of the spaces
In none of the spaces
The chairs are comfortable to sit on.
I am able to choose a chair, or adjust its height.
I am able to choose a table/desk, or adjust its height.
The space is comfortable.
The space feels well lit and secure.
What do you think classrooms should look like in the future?
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What do you think school buildings should look like in the future?
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