JUMMAH Prayer at Courtice Masjid - brothers Registration Tracker for 3rd Jummaah 3:00 PM
Key Guidelines:
1. Make Wudhu before coming to Mosque.
2. Use hand sanitizer upon entering into Mosque.
3. Bringing your own prayer mat is mandatory for every prayer.
4. Strictly maintain social distance @ 1.5 m between others.
5. If anyone feels ill, stay at home.
6. Small kids are highly recommended to stay back home.
7. After finishing Prayer, please do not hangout inside Mosque Boundary.
8. Physical distance to be maintained by all.
9. Please understand current situation and cooperate friendly.
10. Maintain safe and hygienic environment inside mosque.
11. Bringing a plastic grocery bag to keep your shoes in beside you so there will be no crowd in rack shoes area
12. Lastly and importantly, as per Industry COVID Safe Plan, everyone is required to fill in below Tracking Register
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I want to Attend August 7, 2020- 3rd Jummaah at 3:00 PM. I will update Masjid if I can not make it
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