Accessibility in the Municipality of Cumberland
The Municipality of Cumberland wants to be more accessible, and we’d love your input!

One-third of people in Cumberland County live with at least one disability.
We want to know, how can we be a more accessible Municipality to our residents, visitors, and staff with disabilities?

(Note: the Municipality of Cumberland does not include facilities within the towns of Amherst and Oxford).

If you would rather send a direct suggestion please contact the Accessibility Committee by emailing or calling Melanie at 902-667-2470.
1. Please check all that apply to you.
2. Would you tell us a bit about the disability or disabilities you have or have experience with (if applicable)?
3. In your opinion, which should be our first focus on improving accessibility?
First Priority
Lower Priority
Service Centre Buildings
Digital Information Accessibility
Dr C&M Murray Community Centre
Glooscap Campground & RV
Sport / Recreation
Library Buildings
Fire Hall Buildings
4. Could you tell us more about what our top priorities should be for improving accessibility, in your opinion?
5. How often do you visit or access a municipally owned facility or building?
This may include: Upper Nappan Municipal Service Centre (E.D. Fullerton Municipal Building), Parrsboro Municipal Service Centre, Dr. Carson & Marion Murray Community Centre in Springhill, Springhill Seniors Citizens' Centre, Glooscap Campground & RV, Cape d'Or Coastal Park, Lions Park in Springhill, Libraries: Advocate Harbour (93 Mills Rd), Parrsboro (91 Queen St), Pugwash (10222 Durham St), River Hebert (2730 Barronsfield Rd), Springhill Miners' Hall and Library, Public Fire Halls (Tidnish, Pugwash, Wallace, Parrsboro and Springhill), Parrsboro Ballfield
6. Have you ever encountered any barriers to accessing any municipally owned facility and/or building? If so, please describe the situation below.
7. Would you visit municipally owned facilities or buildings more often if they were more accessible?
Clear selection
8. Have you ever encountered any issues in accessing sidewalks, parks, trails, or walkways in the Municipality? If so, please describe the situation below.
9. How is the Municipality doing when it comes to providing accessible digital information on our website ( and social media?
Not sure
Municipal News
By-laws & Policies
Council Minutes
Community Calendar / Events
Council Calendar
General / Other
Clear selection
10. Have you ever encountered any barriers to accessing digital information provided by the Municipality? If so, please describe the situation below.
11. Do you participate in any municipal programs or activities? (e.g. recreation programs, municipal meetings, etc.) Check all that apply.
12. Have you ever encountered any barriers to participating in a municipal program or activity? If so, please describe the situation.
13. Do you know of anything already working well in making the Municipality accessible?
14. Other comments
15. Would you mind being contacted in the future if we have any questions for you?
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16. If you don't mind being contacted, please provide your name and contact information (optional).
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