13rd National Junior Watercolour Competition 2019 (Registration)
13rd Singapore National Junior Watercolour Competition 2019

Calling All Junior Artists!
On-The-Spot Painting at UOB Atrium.
Sat 31 August 2019, 9.30am to 12 noon
Registration starts at 9.00am
at UOB Atrium


• To introduce and promote watercolour as a painting medium to students.
• To unearth young talented artists in the watercolour medium.
• To inspire and instill the importance of art in young Singaporeans.
• To educate and generate public interest in painting and fine art in general.

Eligibility and Registration

• Participation for the competition is free. All school-going students residing in Singapore who are 15 years old and below as of 2019 are eligible to participate.
• Competition will commence from 9.30 am to 12 noon on Saturday 31 August 2019 at UOB Atrium.
• All registration will be done through google form. Registered participant kindly collect paper from the collection counter at Singapore River at UOB Atrium and ensure that your artwork entry has an entry number on it. Registration counter is open from 9am to 9.30am. Late-comers will not be entertained.
• To speed up the registration process, we seek your co-operation to prepare the following items beforehand:
Register your name on the google form.
• Upon registration, you will be given ONE piece of watercolour paper measuring 38cm by 28 cm (quarter sheet of imperial size watercolour paper). There will be no replacement or additional paper should you damage the piece issued to you. All official papers given to you are stamped by SWS. Should you choose to use your own watercolour paper (must be the same dimension), it will be verified and stamped on the spot by SWS officer-in-charge before the start of the competition;
• Other painting materials are not provided. Please bring your own materials and equipments, such as pencils, paints, palette, brushes, water container, etc.

Scope of Competition and Submission

• After Registration, you may choose any location along Singapore River to paint, settled down and prepare your painting materials.
• Competition starts at 9:30am and ends at 12 noon
• Painting must be done in watercolour paints, or other water-based media such as poster colour, gouache and acrylic painted in watercolour style.
• Theme of the painting must be of scenes in and around the location, ie. Singapore River and scenes around Singapore River.
• Upon completion of your painting, please submit your work to the same registration counter at UOB Atrium

Results Announcement

• All winners will be notified by phone call and are expected to attend the official opening and the prize presentation on Sunday 15th September 2019 at 2.30pm at the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre Multi-Purpose Hall Level 7, 1 Straits Boulevard, Singapore 018906.
. Winners will then receive their prizes and certificates from the Guest-of-Honour during the prize-giving segment of the exhibition opening.
. In the occasion when the prize winner is not able to attend the award ceremony, a official proxy can be sent on behalf to collect the prize. The proxy would have to bring along the photocopy of the prize winner student pass for verification. We regret to inform that if a prize winner remain uncontactable for 3 working days after the competition and do not notify SWS about their attendance for the Award ceremony, the winner will not be eligible to receive the award and another winner will be chosen to replace the prize recipient.
• All prize-winners and finalists’ works will be exhibited along with the works of SWS members and invited artists throughout the SWS 50th Annual Exhibition 2019.
• Parents and teachers are welcomed to attend the opening ceremony of the exhibition.
• Participants are to collect back their artwork as the conditions and terms laid below, any artwork not collected shall be deemed as property of the society.
• Prize winners must collect back their artworks after SWS Annual exhibition 2019. Collection date: Friday 20th September 2019. Time: 3 pm to 5 pm. Winning Entries not collected by the stipulated timing will become property of SWS and SWS reserves the right to retain, utilise or otherwise dispose or
• Non-Prize winners must collect back their artworks after the exhibition opening. Collection date: Sunday 15th September 2019. Time: 3 pm to 5 pm. Non-Winning Entries not collected by the stipulated timing will become property of SWS and SWS reserves the right to retain, utilise or otherwise dispose the artwork.


• First Prize S$500 + Certificate
• Second Prize S$300 + Certificate
• Third Prize S$200 + Certificate
• 10 Highly Commended Prizes S$50 each + Certificate
• 20 Consolation Prizes Certificate and Souvenirs

• Top Three Winners will be invited to participate for Singapore Watercolour Society Annual Exhibition the following year in 2020. Winners are not allow to participate in the competition the following year.

Terms & Conditions

• All paintings will be judged by a panel of judges consisting of professional artists and art instructors appointed by Singapore Watercolour Society.
• Each painting will be judged on several aspects such as composition, use of colours, transparency, creativity, competency and personal style.
• Judges’ decisions are final.
• SWS reserves the rights to use, copy and publish any paintings entered in this competition for advertising, promotion or any other purposes in connection with this competition.
• SWS reserves the rights to amend the terms and conditions of this competition.
• SWS is not liable for any loss or damage to the paintings.
• SWS is not liable for any death, disability, personal injury, property damage, property theft, or mishaps of any kind which may occur during the competition including traveling to and from the event.
• Submission of entry form constitutes acceptance of these rules and regulations.

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