Fall 2019 ----- Moving Forward Tennis -----TPMS Class Registration
Use the form below to register for yourself or your child(ren) for a Moving Forward Tennis class. Use a new form for each registered player. Use the multiple choice menu to select which class(es) you want. Confirmations will be made shortly, and final pricing determined as we find out if classes are large, medium or small... think about $10-20 per hour... then you can pay via check, Paypal, Venmo... or cash if needed. (If you just want to be on mailing list or you are registering for a free festival/playday event, you can just use the form once and include any additional participant info in the notes field.)

New as of Spring 2019 - I'm offering a SLIDING SCALE payment option, and a few scholarship discounts/free registrations. Each class will have a suggested or average price. I will invite folks to pay a range of lower or higher amounts as it fits your ability to pay. Payments above the suggested price will help pay for scholarship registrations and lower priced registrations. Any surplus will probably be used for a free equipment fund and to help with Little Free Tennis Libraries. (And I may adjust prices up or down for smaller or larger class sizes).

Class schedule below — (smaller group or individual sessions could be requested on alternate days and times or possibly before and after the scheduled classes)

Tues 430p, approx 6-10yr, Beg/Int - 8 weeks, starts Sept 10 - ~$100
Tues 530p, approx 10-17yrs (and adults), Beg/Int - 8 weeks, starts Sept 10 - ~$100
Tues AND/OR Thurs 630p, Teen/Adult Dropin – Intermediate/Adv, starts Sept 10/12, ~$10-20/class
Wed 305p, TP Middle School Students, Beg/Int/Adv - 7 weeks, starts TBA - FREE for TPMS students (and homeschoolers?), sign up in TPMS office.
Thurs 12p, Senior Fun & Fitness Tennis – indoor @NH AVE REC CTR – $5 – starts Sept 5, 12 weeks - register with TP Rec here: https://apm.activecommunities.com/takomaparkrecreation/Activity_Search/tennis-fun-fitness/6397
Thurs 430p, approx 6-10yr, Beg/Int - 8 weeks, starts Sept 12 - ~$100
Thurs 530p, approx 10-17yrs (and adults), Intermediate - 8 weeks, starts Sept 12 - ~$100

Fri 305p, ~11yrs+, Int/Adv -10 weeks, starts TBA - ~$10-30/h

Saturday! Saturday! Saturday!
- Midday Matchplay – loosely organized local junior and adult (Red, Orange, Green/Yellow ball) - starts later Sept, FREE

Sundays - 8 weeks, starts Sept 15
Sun 12p OR 1230p**, 3-6yrs, Parent and Me class, 30m class - ~$50
Sun 1p, 5-12yrs, Beg/Int - ~$100
Sun 2p, Teen/Adult, Beg/Int - ~$100
Sun 3p, Teen/Adult, Int/Adv - ~$100
Sun 4p, 5-12yrs, Intermediate - ~$100

*Age and Level categories are not strict.
**Parent and Me class timing is flexible. Register for one time, but can shift if that day needs some flexibility.

Signing up for multiple classes a week is encouraged (Maybe two hours in a row for intermediate players). Improving players may bump up class levels during the season.

If a class is listed as FULL you can still request a registration and I will see about adjusting class size or making some switches to accommodate, but you may want to choose a backup option, and let me know your preference in the notes area.

Please read these documents and then initial below:
Link to Waiver form - read page 1: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1PoiMM3Nfc1-amlpVY29TJCDU_9XbMgil/view?usp=sharing

Link to Concussion information - read both pages:

All classes and events at Takoma Park Middle School, 7611 Piney Branch Rd (except Senior Tennis indoors at NH Ave Rec Center - 7315 NH Ave - Fall, Winter, Spring)

Let me know if you have questions or problems, need equipment, new training balls, used balls (free), racquet service, even some tennis shoes, etc.

Keep Moving Forward,
Coach SJ
508.641.4706 - satjiwan --- at- -- brandeis --- (dot) --edu

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Do you want to purchase new kids or used kids/adult racquets and training balls? Include approx size(s) of racquets and type/number of balls. Coach SJ can help with selection.
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